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transformation Feb 01, 2021


Every month I like to set a theme to my weekly live masterclasses. February has so much to offer in terms of taking stock, reflecting in the body, in our every day lives and in our emotions. And so I wanted to work on a physical sequence for my live weekly masterclasses that has this element of TRANSFORMATION.

And so what does that really look like in a physical practice? 

Giving freedom to you as a student and let you decide. Where does the movement want to go? What does that transform into? I will guide you with questions to ask your own body. Am I holding space for myself? Am I giving space for my breath?

How can we give space for transformation in an exploration? Are we open to all the possibilities? 

So this is definitely going to be a journey. It's going to be a challenge for some of us that really like more rules and regulations. But I hope that you'll join me and see it as an experiment. And observe the knock on effect in your everyday life. Does it trigger new thoughts, new ideas and possibilities in your surroundings? 

Can you transform your daily experience? Join me LIVE this February. Classes are £15 or get a 5x class pass for £60. You also get access to the recording for 30 days. 

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We’re hearing about embodiment all over the place these days. It actually makes me so happy because it’s something I’ve been teaching for a while now and to see this information really spread its wings, and observe people embrace it is refreshing. But of course I love to push the boundaries of everything I touch - it’s part of being an explorer, right? We mustn't settle and just start taking things for granted. If we are really on our journey then forward we must move. Albeit at our own pace of course. So I ask the question:

Why is Embodiment so important?

Because we cannot find growth, change or truly evolve until we fully experience these sensations. In other words, I can talk, read and think all I want about finding growth. I can gather lots of information about how I might have ended up stuck where I am. But until I put this new information into my body and allow my energy to shift in order to match the desired outcome I will only have the language of growth without the actual change. We could say “walk the talk” but that simplifies it.

We need to use the embodied practices to raise our vibration, because it is our vibration that looks for its ‘match’. And if my ‘match’ is of self doubt or guilt or shame then I will keep repeating the pattern that got me where I am.  However, once I am in my body and can sense and feel the vibrations I have the opportunity to raise it. To discover a higher vibration that matches strength, joy, abundance and love.  



 I have written a book called "The transformation Journey" It's a workbook for personal development and creative empowerment. BUT it's so much more than a book. It is a journey, an experience and, an opportunity to unlock your greatest potential.

I'm offering a 2.5 online workshop based on some of the practices in this book on Saturday Feb 13th. If you're curious about this process I would love to see you online. If you can't make it, we also send everyone a copy of the recording (access for 30 days) 


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