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The Yoga Body

The Origins of Modern Posture Practice 

The Origins of Modern Posture Practice by Mark Singleton - This is the book that blew the lid off the idea that our inherited asana practice has been around for a few thousand years.  Not an easy read but worth getting through it.

The Biology of Belief

Unleashing the power of consciousness, matter & miracles.

By Bruce H. Lipton PhD

About the cellular structure and how our thoughts effect everything that manifests in our bodies

The Great Work of Your Life

A guide for the Journey to Your True Calling

By Stephen Cope - I recommend all teachers read this book.  It will wake you up to making sure you’re on the right path for you and probably confirm a lot things you’ve been feeling anyway. 

Intelligent Yoga

Listening to the Body's Innate Wisdom

By Peter Blackaby - So much great, sensible information in this book. 

Awakening the Spine

Yoga for health, vitality & energy

By Vanda Scaravelli - A beautiful book that inspires me deeply. 

You are the Placebo

Making you mind matter

By Dr. Joe Dispenza -  Great work on the power of our belief systems over our bodies. 


What is it and why it matters

By David Lesondak.

The best book on understanding Fascia published so far! 

The Original Body

Primal Movement for Yoga Teachers

 By John Stirk - an amazing teacher that really connects the deeper energy work. 

Born To Walk

Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement

By James Earls

The Science of Yoga

The Risks and the Rewards

By William J Broad - A collection of research projects that looked into the claims that yoga makes and why so many people have been injured over the years.  

The Body Keeps the Score

Mind, Brain & Body in the Transformation of Trauma

By Bessel van der Kolk (Book on Trauma and how it lives in the body) Dr. van der Kolk is the leading trauma expert looking at the effects in the physical systems and how to work with people who have experienced deep trauma. 

Moving Consciously

Somatic Transformations through Dance, Yoga and Touch

 By Sondra Fraleigh


Anatomy & Yoga

People / Websites & Podcasts to follow

  • Gary Carter

    Anatomy & Movement Teacher

    Gary is an amazing teacher and is always looking towards upcoming research in anatomical movement in order to make sure that what he is teaching is up to date and also relevant for the movement world.  If you can get to any of his workshops or courses I highly recommend them. 

    **This is my anatomy/movement “guru” and I recommend getting to any course he does!!

  • Musings with the Movement Man

    Podcast with Stephen Brabrook

    Another great practitioner who interviews like minded people on his podcast and has recently had David Lesondak as a guest!

  • Thomas Myers

    Anatomy and Fascia 

    Tensegrity and Lines of Movement can all be discovered with Thomas Myers informational videos. Search for Thomas Myers on Youtube and you’ll find lots of interesting and informative videos.


  • Liberated Body

    Podcast with Brooke Thomas

    These podcasts are interviews with experts in the body/movement/manual physical therapy world, all at the top of their fields offering loads of content that incredibly useful.  One of my favourites! The author is Brooke Thomas who writes for a few websites but on this one you can download her information booklet on “Why Fascia Matters”

  • Fascia Research

    Group led by Dr. Robert Schleip

    Dr. Robert Schleip, is considered the foremost expert on fascia at the moment.

  • Breaking Muscle

    Website about Injury Prevention

    Lots of information about preventing injury on this website aimed towards sports people and rehabilitation.  Doesn’t talk much about yoga but he does give a lot of information about why NOT to stretch.

  • Gil Hedley


    The guy who gave us the Fuzz speech.  He also has many other very useful videos.  He is not a yoga practitioner, but a body worker.  I love following his FB page as he brings out the beauty, poetry and spirituality in the study of the human body

  • Leslie Kaminoff

    Yoga Anatomy Teacher

    Another great Yoga Anatomist.  He also has a series of videos breaking down anatomy and the different asana’s that may be hurting us.

  • Niki Vetten

    Yogi - Injury Prevention

    Another great blog site by Niki Vetten who is a yogi and works specifically on injury prevention for all movement based practices.  She has great articles on Yoga Butt, Sacral Illiac problems, why the Gluteus Maximus and Medius are so important for our sacrum support, etc

  • Paul Grilley

    Yoga Anatomy Teacher

    If you haven’t checked out any of Paul’s videos yet, I fully recommend it.  He talks from a yoga point of view and in his anatomy videos breaks down the different bone structure limitations that can cause problems for yogis.  However, I don’t agree with his philosophy about fascia and yin, long held stretches.  But his other anatomical information is great.


Podcasts featuring Julie Martin

These podcasts are a highly recommended resource! Mark has interviewed so many amazing people with hours of great listening. I have been interviewd in two sperate sessions - see below. 

Yoga in the World

Julie Martin re-joins the show to discuss the benefits of a somatic and embodied approaches to yoga. Culture power and yoga, self-worth and yoga, tango, awareness, modern times and being a yoga “in the world”. 

Somatic Yoga with Julie Martin

Julie joins the show from Goa to discuss a somatic approach to yoga beyond making the shapes and blindly following tradition. She touches upon neo-colonialism, culture, travelling yogis, yoga for Indians vs. Europeans, dissociative yoga, unworthiness, social media, entitlement and freedom in yoga. 

Julie Martin - The Queen of the Yoga Rebellion

In this pod, Julie Martin, explains where she got it all from. Via dance, she entered the yoga world, and today she´s a highly visible and popular representative of the un-orthodox, inventive yoga which does not fear neither influences from other forms of movement nor new research into the body, for example the fascia - research that might lead to having to throw some of the old stuff overboard. She shuns yoga as an excluding practice where teachers post selfies on Instagram with demanding poses in the sunset. Her aim is to have classes that are alive with young and old, big and small, athletic and less flexible - everybody´s welcome (and I can certify that theses classes are fun too!). She also gives advice on how to find your way as a yoga teacher and explains why today´s assembly line teacher training does not meet the standards.


Rethinking yoga creatively - with Julie Martin

Now more than ever, we need to focus on our well-being, physical and mental, and to me yoga is the union of both. I’ve been taking Julie’s classes online for a couple of months and her creative approach to teaching yoga has led me to invite her on the Creativity for All Podcast.


She talks about how, after twenty-five years, she’s had to break the rules and follow her own path to rethink her yoga practice and teaching creatively and how she sees yoga as an exploration and an opportunity to develop a relationship with our body, without judgement, and to discover sensations through movement.


After listening to this episode, I’m pretty sure you will be tempted to start a yoga practice or refresh an existing one or, at the very least, your take on movement and your own body is likely to change, so enjoy!


Good and informative reads...

Fascia, Proprioception and Pain:


Stop Stretching: The Soc Doc - Steve Gangemi  (He’s great for the sports info)


The Vagus Nerve: Emotions and difficulty with mindfulness practices:


The Neurophysiology of Yoga Breath and It’s Effects:


Spiritual Investigations

Some nice podcasts to follow


Bliss and Grit

A weekly podcast from Brooke Thomas (of Liberated Body above) and Vanessa Scott as they discuss the ups and downs of being on a spiritual journey, what it means and why its not always about the warm fuzzies, and more often about the discomfort and unraveling.  Wonderful, non-dogmatic dialogue.


Kiran Trace

A wonderful, practical spiritual teacher if you like the no-nonsense way of understanding how to connect to our deeper selves.


Buddha at the Gas Pump

Podcast with Rick Archer talking to people about their own spiritual awakening experiences.  Non dogmatic.


Facebook Pages to Follow

Yoga Movement & Research Community

It’s a closed group but you can ask to join. Started by Diane Bruni and full of dialogue about how we need to move forward and evolve with the yoga practices instead of being “ok” with injuries to ourselves and students.   This group can get a little carried away down critical paths, but if you don’t get too involved in following the thread of comments and stick to the article and videos posted here you’ll find it beneficial.  

Matthew Remski

What Are We Actually Doing in Asana.  He posts great blogs and articles, started threads that can get pretty heated, but ultimately he’s asking questions about what is yoga, what isn’t, who are we to define this and where is it headed.  He brings up great points to ponder.  


Videos & YouTube

Videos that I use most often in my Lectures. And a few Channels you should follow

The Fuzz Speech
Fascia & Ageing with Thomas Myers
What is Tensegrity - Thomas Myers
Fascia Magnified 25 Times
Intrinsic Movement with Susan Harper

YouTube Channels to Follow



Advocate of natural movement.  Specialises in physical training and not so much yoga itself but useful all the same.




Creator of Budokon Yoga which mixes Yoga, Martial Arts and Natural Animal movements to create a whole body integrative system.

Practice Online with Julie


In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings