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Podcasts featuring Julie Martin

These podcasts are a highly recommended resource! Mark has interviewed so many amazing people with hours of great listening. I have been interviewd in two sperate sessions - see below. 

Yoga in the World

Julie Martin re-joins the show to discuss the benefits of a somatic and embodied approaches to yoga. Culture power and yoga, self-worth and yoga, tango, awareness, modern times and being a yoga “in the world”. 

Somatic Yoga with Julie Martin

Julie joins the show from Goa to discuss a somatic approach to yoga beyond making the shapes and blindly following tradition. She touches upon neo-colonialism, culture, travelling yogis, yoga for Indians vs. Europeans, dissociative yoga, unworthiness, social media, entitlement and freedom in yoga. 

Julie Martin - The Queen of the Yoga Rebellion

In this pod, Julie Martin, explains where she got it all from. Via dance, she entered the yoga world, and today she´s a highly visible and popular representative of the un-orthodox, inventive yoga which does not fear neither influences from other forms of movement nor new research into the body, for example the fascia - research that might lead to having to throw some of the old stuff overboard. She shuns yoga as an excluding practice where teachers post selfies on Instagram with demanding poses in the sunset. Her aim is to have classes that are alive with young and old, big and small, athletic and less flexible - everybody´s welcome (and I can certify that theses classes are fun too!). She also gives advice on how to find your way as a yoga teacher and explains why today´s assembly line teacher training does not meet the standards.


Good and informative reads...

Fascia, Proprioception and Pain:


Stop Stretching: The Soc Doc - Steve Gangemi  (He’s great for the sports info)


The Vagus Nerve: Emotions and difficulty with mindfulness practices:


The Neurophysiology of Yoga Breath and It’s Effects:


Spiritual Investigations

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Videos & YouTube

Videos that I use most often in my Lectures. And a few Channels you should follow

The Fuzz Speech
Fascia & Ageing with Thomas Myers
What is Tensegrity - Thomas Myers
Fascia Magnified 25 Times
Intrinsic Movement with Susan Harper

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Advocate of natural movement.  Specialises in physical training and not so much yoga itself but useful all the same.




Creator of Budokon Yoga which mixes Yoga, Martial Arts and Natural Animal movements to create a whole body integrative system.

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