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Masterclasses in Zürich

Embodied Yoga Movement Explorations
 Das Yoga Haus, Zürich | 11 - 13 September, 2023

Using awareness of sensations, Julie will guide you to explore natural spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, integrated movement, breath and pause. 

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Masterclasses in Bern

Embodied Yoga Movement Explorations
Yoga Luna, Bern | 13 September, 2023

Listening without judgement to what your body has to say, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Sacred Dance Evening in Zürich

Non-verbal communication, dance & movement therapy, and movement meditation,
 Das Yoga Haus, Zürich | 16 September, 2023

Are you ready to peel off the layers of stress, anxiety, self-doubt and uncertainty & find a deep authenticity within and learn to trust it? 

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Unlock The Magic Of The Body

 With Gary Carter & Julie Martin
 Brighton, UK | 22-23 Sep, 2023 

Join esteemed senior teachers, Gary Carter and Julie Martin & embark on a journey where you will witness the incredible techniques demonstrated by Gary, while Julie will guide you through invigorating flows, seamlessly weaving the acquired wisdom together.

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Residency at Das Yoga Haus in Zurich

 Weekly classes and more 
 Das Yoga Haus, Zürich | 28th Feb - 24 March, 2024

Throughout the month, Julie will delve into the various aspects of yoga, including asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy during her classes.

The Art of Embodied Yoga Instruction

 A continuing education for yoga teachers
 Das Yoga Haus, Zürich | 9-14 March, 2024

Join Julie for a 6-day training designed to empower you to embrace the evolution in teaching yoga.

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Sacred Dance Teacher Training 2024 

Medicine In Motion

Sweden | Aug, 2024


In the process of learning this practice you will go on the deepest journey yourself so that you will be open and ready to go out and share this with your students and community. 

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Yoga Classes on Demand


Live on Zoom

Brahmani Masterclasses


Live masterclasses with a new theme each month. Recording available for 21 days  

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Workshops/Online Learning


Anytime | Online 

Online Workshops/Courses


A selection of pre-recorded workshops aimed at those who wish to dive deeper into and embodied movement practice.

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Wow, mind blown , totally inspired ✨🙏✨ I just love the way you teach and love the whole embodiment yoga way, it makes me feel so excited as a nearly qualified yoga teacher. I’ve been instilling this into my classes as a trainee teacher and get such a feeling of fulfilment when I can see my willing students actually listening to their bodies and moving with such freedom.
Thank you for being you.

Elisa Forrester

Yoga Teacher Trainee

I would like to thank you for the amazing masterclass. The day after I felt lighter and my mind was feeling free.. I woke up in a nicer and happier mood.

Mara Rossi

Massage Therapist

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