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My weekly masterclasses are ideal for yoga teachers & students familiar with an embodied practice. Every month I focus on a different theme. Get access to the recording for 30 days when you book.


December Yoga Masterclasses on Zoom

Stop. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Winter and the coming solstice ask Mother Nature to slow down and turn inwards. Now is not the time for growth. It’s the time for introspection and reflecting on our past seasons.

This month we’ll move slow with an intimate investigation of our movement and our stillness. I’ll be adding some breath work here and there as well as poetry and prose around our theme of slowing down.

Please come join me for our sessions in self care and embodiment. If you have a favourite poem or passage around this theme please send it to us and we’ll post it up on page or I’ll read it during one of the masterclasses.

Classes every Wednesday at 6pm CET.
There will be no FRIDAY MASTERCLASS this December but the last Wednesday of this month will be a longer session of 105 minutes. 


What an amazing class, thank you Julie! I swear I could sense your presence in the room (then opened my eyes to discover I'm at home and not in a studio with you). Really juicy and fun sequence to play around with too!"

Laura Baeten - Live Masterclasses

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What people are saying.. 

"I would like to thank you for the amazing masterclass. The day after I felt lighter and my mind was feeling free.. I woke up in a nicer and happier mood."

Mara Rossi


I just want to say thank you for this evening and just for everything. You are the best teacher I have ever had!! You are so clear, concise and everything you say makes so much sense."

Fiona Brown

"I have been practicing with Julie in real life and now online and I can say, in both situations, her masterclasses are a real journey. She has the skill to take you into an exploration, a trip within your body and yourself and when you finish you really feel like if you have been on a journey, you feel different. Her guidance is clear and precise but without interfering in your practice as the practice becomes really YOURS.  She gives freedom with guidance and inspiration. I love the way she prepares the body, she layers the class in a way that even if you are challenging yourself on the physical level your body is so ready that you do it with ease. With creative sequencing she challenge your brain but working in repetition allows the person to get out of the mind and connect with the body.
Being in her presence has a different energy of course but the online classes are great as we can connect weekly and the quality of teaching and the experience of “being in the journey" are not compromised"

Debby, Arimayoga