Live Masterclasses


My weekly masterclasses are ideal for yoga teachers & students familiar with an embodied practice. Every month I focus on a different theme. Get access to the recording for 30 days when you book.

My masterclass theme for April

Following on from the spirals sequence from March, we are changing things up and using the spiral momentum to change direction in some surprising ways. This new theme cultivates new neural pathways in movement as we change direction, shift weight and unfold. I love working with direction changes in unexpected ways as it really challenges our brains. Research has found that when the brain has to figure out new movement patterns it's like a gym workout. Especially as we age neural plasticity is extremely important and often lost if we get stuck doing the same shapes and patterns in our practice. 

Join me this month for this brain and body experiment.

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I would like to thank you for the amazing masterclass. The day after I felt lighter and my mind was feeling free.. I woke up in a nicer and happier mood.

Mara Rossi

Massage Therapist