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Masterclasses on Zoom with Julie Martin 

Strong Back, Open Front - May Theme 

Aloha all, 

While the physicality of working with this theme can lead us to find ease with back bending and other shapes that require strength in the spine, for me this is more about understanding our support to find Freedom. When we can find the felt sense of strength through the back line of the body we have the ability to release through the front line. This allows spaciousness through the belly, the solar plexus, and the heart. Not only giving us more room to breathe but also for our internal organs to have more space to do their job. If we think about our daily response to stress and anxiety we tend to close the front of the body. This is why back bending can often be met with resistance. Because the mental and emotional response to stress creates a physical outcome in the body, resulting in restriction through the hip flexors, the abdominals, and the chest. 

So join me this month as I guide you through three sessions to find more space in the front of the body and more support through the back. Please note that the classes this month are pre-recorded as I'm travelling in Europe offering in-person events. If you want to access the classes this may you will have to become a masterclass member. 

 I will be releasing all videos on May 3rd.

My free session this month will be on the 21st of May and this session will be live on Zoom. I will be taking you through a tutorial taking you through the principles of integrated strength, especially through the back line of the body. We'll go through some simple exercises that you can bring into your daily practice or to your classes. 

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Strong Back - Open Front

I have prerecorded masterclasses for this month's theme which are available to masterclass monthly members only. Become a member to access these classes.
I am in Europe offering workshops and retreats in May, so unable to offer live sessions. 

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Masterclass 1, live on Zoom - June Theme

The theme for June will be announced in May. 

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Masterclass 2, live on Zoom - June Theme

The theme for June will be announced in May. 

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What an amazing class, thank you Julie! I swear I could sense your presence in the room (then opened my eyes to discover I'm at home and not in a studio with you). Really juicy and fun sequence to play around with too!"

Laura Baeten - Live Masterclasses

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