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Unravelling to love ourselves - February Theme 

So as I was creating my new sequence and thinking about how we can love ourselves and our bodies more, a sense of unravelling arose. In a good way of course. A 'letting go' of things to allow something new and exciting to emerge. So I'm calling the theme: Unravelling to love ourselves. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered, no? 

I'm taking time to feel through the body in a way that hits a little deeper, helps us find pockets of 'stuckness' and let it flow out. 

Join me for some creative mini-flows that feel a little like self-massage and a little like playing the body as an instrument.

Classes are every Wednesday at 18.00 CET, 17.00 UK, 09.00 PST 


Live Masterclass Schedule


Wednesday 1st February
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Wednesday 8th February
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Wednesday 15th February
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Wednesday 22nd February
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Sunday 26th February

5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 45 min 

Free Meditation & Journaling Session

This month I'll be offering a meditation and journaling session focused on our ability to love ourselves in the most authentic form. This session is open to everyone and completely free for non-members too, so let your friends know!

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What an amazing class, thank you Julie! I swear I could sense your presence in the room (then opened my eyes to discover I'm at home and not in a studio with you). Really juicy and fun sequence to play around with too!"

Laura Baeten - Live Masterclasses