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Functional Movement and Fascial Release - March Theme 

Aloha all,

As I recover from a procedure in my shoulder to heal my rotator cuff tear (PRP -will keep you posted as I progress!) I knew I wouldn't be able to put much pressure on my shoulder for at least 2.5 weeks afterwards. So it got me thinking how I could work around this and still do a great practice. I decided to focus on the legs and mobility, particularly functional movement. Training the body to move in ways that allow the mobility of the hips and the strength of the legs to get really grounded and stable. The mini flows we will be playing with during this sequence are designed to help your body adapt in your everyday life. Function over form!

We'll close each class with 15 minutes of fascial release, so bring a towel to roll on or even better a swimming noodle with the centre hollow. Expect some rolling around on the floor for this section.

Looking forward to seeing you all either live or doing the recording afterwards.

Classes are every Wednesday at 18.00 CET, 17.00 UK, 09.00 PST

with gratitude, Julie

p.s. I'll be offering a free session on Sunday 26th, which will be after the clocks change in Europe. So make a note that from the 26th of March classes will be at the NEW TIME of 6 pm BST / 7 pm CET. Details on what I'll be offering in this free session will come soon. It will be either Pranayama, Meditation, an Exploration or a combination of two or more.


Live Masterclass Schedule


Wednesday 1st March
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Wednesday 8th March
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Wednesday 15th March
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Wednesday 22nd March
5 pm BST | 6 pm CET | 9 am PST - 75 min 

Sunday 26th February

6 pm BST | 7 pm CET | 10 am PST - 45 min - NEW TIME 

Wednesday 29th March
6 pm BST | 7 pm CET | 10 am PST - 75min - NEW TIME


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What an amazing class, thank you Julie! I swear I could sense your presence in the room (then opened my eyes to discover I'm at home and not in a studio with you). Really juicy and fun sequence to play around with too!"

Laura Baeten - Live Masterclasses