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Browse through over 50 full length online yoga classes by Julie Martin. These videos can be found on Ekhart Yoga - the Netflix of yoga! You can watch free previews of all videos if you're curious. Ekhart Yoga also offers a 14 day free trial!  
De-stress your neck!

All levels | 20 mins

Julie takes you through a series of techniques and stretches to release tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw.

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Standing strong

Level 2 | 40 mins

A strong, fluid standing sequence is at the heart of this class. With just a short lead in we'll get to a standing flow that includes balances and shifting of weight.

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Lunges and half Camels

Level 1/2 | 67 mins

A strong but accessible class that involves lunge variations to find ease as we work our way towards Ustrasana (Camel pose).

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Gentle evening flow

All Levels | 40 mins

This class is perfect for those of you who have had a long hard day or week (or more!) especially if you sit or stand for long periods of time during the day.

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Balance power

Level 2 | 60 mins

Julie will take you through a series of deep hip connections to open and strengthen before getting into a Mandala-style balancing sequence that will have you wobbling in your Tree and twisting into 'Krishna'! .

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Tibetan purification pranayama

All Levels | 15 mins

This is a wonderful pranayama that has a similar method to Nadi Shodhana (Alternate nostril breathing).

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Inner power and stability

Level 2 | 85 mins

In this longer than usual class, Julie takes you through a simple warm up to get all the parts connected and then progresses into a strong flow that focuses on our shoulder stability. 

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Release the IT band

All Levels | 35 mins

Tight IT bands can cause problems with the knees and lower back and in this tutorial/class I take you through a few exercises that help us release it with ease, while busting a few myths about 'stretching the IT band'.

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Morning energy flow

All Levels | 40 mins

An energizing, 40-minute class to get you going in the morning. We start quickly but not too abruptly, getting the spine fluid and all the joints working. .

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