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Browse through over 50 full length online yoga classes by Julie Martin. These videos can be found on Ekhart Yoga - the Netflix of yoga! You can watch free previous of all video if you're curious. Ekhart Yoga also offers a 14 day free trial!  

Inner power and stability

Level 2 | 85 mins

In this longer than usual class, Julie takes you through a simple warm up to get all the parts connected and then progresses into a strong flow that focuses on our shoulder stability. 

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Release the IT band

All Levels | 35 mins

Tight IT bands can cause problems with the knees and lower back and in this tutorial/class I take you through a few exercises that help us release it with ease, while busting a few myths about 'stretching the IT band'.

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Morning energy flow

All Levels | 40 mins

An energizing, 40-minute class to get you going in the morning. We start quickly but not too abruptly, getting the spine fluid and all the joints working. .

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Fire up the glutes

Level 2 | 70 mins

After my class on hip strengthening I realised I had more work to do! This class really focuses on the strength in the glutes coming up off the floor and into standing balances.

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Easy shoulders and hips

All Levels | 35 mins

A great class for anyone who needs a bit of relief in their shoulders and hips. Julie takes you through some accessible shoulder openers and works through the body to get nicely into the hips without getting too intense.

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More spinal release

Level 1/2 | 60 mins

Working with the movements of the spine by waving through variations, this sequence is another one from Julie that allows you to release through the lower back down to the hamstrings and up to the upper spine too.

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