Sacred Dance



The body has an inner dialogue in movement that allows us to liberate the stories that bind us. We must listen.


Do you feel the call to release these stories that words cannot always express? 





Sacred Dance


Brahmani Sacred Dance takes a movement practice one step further into the stories our bodies hold, often trapped in the silence our words cannot express. It is based on non-verbal communication, dance and movement therapy, and movement meditation, and has a deeply healing effect on almost all practitioners who experience it. 


Releasing old patterns and beliefs through expression. Liberating what the body has been holding on to but no longer needs.  


Explore the wounds you are ready to heal.

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Connection to ourselves & others


Brahmani Sacred Dance goes into what we experience in our bodies. It's about sensing and feeling. We are telling stories with our bodies all the time. On a cellular level we are holding all of our emotions, we are holding all of our thoughts and we have an opportunity to express and MOVE through them, move away from them, leave them behind....

It's movement through emotions and expressions. It can be a play of creativity. It can be an investigation into a traumatic sensation. It could be a non-verbal dialogue between two people. This is what I LOVE about it. The way we can connect to others in more freedom and still be individual, so that our expression in not just something of this self, but something of the collective - of the whole. 


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AUGUST 5 to 11 2024 | SWEDEN

Brahmani Sacred Dance Teacher Training

This is a full 7 day training and in the process of learning this practice you will go on the deepest journey yourself so that you will be open and ready to go out and share this with your students and community.  

  • Establishing Trust
  • The Conversion - How to take students who are completely new, or unsuspecting and bring them into the process
  • Holding Space 
  • Movement Motifs and Exercises 
  • Telling the Stories the Body Holds 
  • Creating Embodied Dialogue
  • Working with Partners and Group Connection 
  • Creative Writing
  • Making Playlists
  • Closing Circles and Ceremony 
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My Journey to Brahmani Sacred Dance


I come from a world of dance and movement, and I've been teaching yoga for over 20 years. As I moved towards an embodied practice, I felt that there was something missing for me. I was looking for something to get that sense of unfolding a deeper story that went beyond 'good' or 'bad' and yoga poses seemed to not be able to do that for me. 

I created Brahmani Sacred Dance through my work and understanding of some of the most wonderful conscious dance methodologies including Soul Motion, Open Floor and 5 Rhythms. What arose was my desire to bring the yoga word into this amazing healing methodology of improvisational movement. 



What People Say

"Julie makes the space safe for everyone to explore themselves. The Sacred Dance teacher training has been amazing. The space to move intuitively and find your own unique expression was my definition of this training. For that to happen you need to create boundaries so that people feel safe to relax and explore their uniqueness. And Julie is a master of this."

Johanna Morlor - Sacred Dance Teacher Training 2022

"This was a wonderful training for so many reasons but what stands out right now is that there was no pressure of preforming. As it's a teacher training it could have given me ideas that I had to 'master' this method. But instead there was this leaning back into my own process, together with the rest of the group which was wonderful. I'm looking forward to sharing this with others, I can't not."

Susanne Clausen Riis - Sacred Dance Teacher Training 2022
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Hi, I'm Julie

A self-confessed nerd of the body and mind, I've spent a lifetime discovering different methodologies and lineages to arrive at the most important destination: Home. Back home in the body, mind and spirit.

Through an upbringing in a Vedantist household in Southern California, teaching dance and yoga for 18 years in the UK to running a yoga school in Goa, India for 12 years, I've experienced a heck of a lot. My work as a teacher, mentor and facilitator for yoga practitioners, people suffering from physical injury and emotional instability, I have lead groups and individuals through their shadows and into their light. The common factor in all demographics has been obvious: We all suffer from some kind of trauma and we all need help to move beyond it. 

Rich with teachings from a multitude of mentors, guides and inspiring people my journey has been and continues to be a wild ride in the adventure of being human and my goal is to help others navigate the landscape of their own transformation.