Mentoring / Coaching

Do you feel the call to change the way you teach or practice yoga?


Do you feel you're at a crossroads with your teaching? Not sure how to move forward or where you fit in the yoga world? Or are you hoping to expand into trainings, online classes and courses, or workshops and need advice from someone who has years of experience.  Maybe you just need a sounding board to bump ideas off of to help you find direction with whatever you're working on or through at this time.  

Students of Yoga: 

Are you looking encompass a more embodied practice and have that filter into the rest of your life? Do you feel curious about where you are headed and how your yoga practice can guide you?  Or perhaps you're looking for direction in the yoga world and considering becoming a teacher.  

Julie can help you will all of the above as well as: 


  • Developing your own practice & teachings

  • Integrate skills into your teacher training program – setting up

  • Studio Owners: mentoring for running their studio

  • Refine your Retreats / workshops content

  • Find confidence to teach what you believe in

  • Branching out into online teaching 

With over 25 years of experience as Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Studio Owner I offer mentoring / coaching programmes to help inspire and empower you in any endeavours you wish to take on, challenges you want to work through or help finding your way in a world flooded with other teachers.   

For a limited time I'm also offering my individual 'One to One' coaching sessions half price!

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Level 2 Teacher Trainings