Become More Centred & Aligned



A new way of practising Vinyasa flow.
Join me for my new series comprising 7 Embodied Flow Chakra Yoga Classes to maintain a healthy internal balance.


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In this 7-part series of Embodied Flow Yoga Classes we focus on the 7 classic chakras within the yoga system. Our bodies are energy and we have the means to tune into and cultivate a balanced relationship with this energy, which brings us into alignment as a whole being. Understanding the  connection and expression of each centre through movement, breath and stillness, will help clear stagnant energy, move through it and create a healthy internal balance. This is not your average Vinyasa Flow. This series will change your energy through an embodied yoga practice!   

By taking this journey with me you’ll reset and re-energise yourself from top to bottom.


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Become More Centred & Aligned



7 x 70 to 95 min Embodied Flow Chakra Yoga Classes to maintain a healthy internal balance.

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Unlimited access to 7 full length Embodied ChakraYoga Flow classes.


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Journey through the chakras as every class focuses on the energetic and physical qualities associated with each one. From an empowering universal core sequence (root chakra) right up to a breath movement meditation sequence (crown chakra), the intention of these classes will help you connect with your energetic centres, your body and yourSELF.

What You'll Get

Take a peek inside and watch a small preview of each of the 7 asana classes including: 

Root - Grounding energy - 90 min
Sacral - Fluid energy - 95 min
Solar Plexus - Empowering energy - 70 min
Heart - Compassion and love energy - 85 min
Throat - Communication energy - 80 min
Third Eye - Wisdom energy - 80 min
Crown - Divine energy - 75 min


BONUS: Guided 'TUNE IN' meditation
Listen to my guided meditation to TUNE IN to your energy centres to help pick a focus. 

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What People Are Saying

Thank you Julie for your beautiful classes, they are such a delightful invitation to explore and journey with&In the body. Came back to this class after a while and it is so fresh and new. The body remembers the movement so a whole new experience can happen. WOW


I love Julie's ability to guide you deeply, deep inside. With such simplicity and such love that you just let yourself go. And the energy beyond the skin gets accessible... Oh, how grateful I am for that. It's such a precious reminder, as well as being a feeling words lack describing. Well, to sum it up, I loved it and it really helped in this process of coming home. 


A NEW Way Of Practising Vinyasa Flow



Work with the Chakra energy systems with an embodied yoga approach. Come back to these sessions again and again, and I promise you’ll discover new things every-time!

Let's Flow


Working with the Chakras Through Embodied Yoga

Root Chakra - Muladhara

The Muladhara is our connection to the earth and more masculine energy. Stability and grounding arise from this centre when we are feeling balanced. This class journeys through lots of universal core work and works with the power of our feet to use the earth's connection. This class is not just about building strength but cultivating stability to gain confidence physically and emotionally. Finding our centre.

Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana

The Swadhisthana is our connection to sensuality, sexuality, creativity and self-worth. It is our connection to fluidity, water and feminine energy. Our ability to give birth to life or new ideas. This sequence is built on this fluid concept with lots of movement in the pelvis and the spine. Waving, spirals and pulses bring us a sense of unfolding and ease.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

The Manipura is our connection to self-empowerment, our gut instincts and the element of fire. This class will truly light a fire for you as we bring in Kapalabhati breathwork throughout the sequence. A lot of pumping of the abdominals to build heat with a faster pace. Some physical movement challenges are thrown in to catch you a little off guard but ultimately you will feel energised and fully empowered to take on whatever is coming next.

Heart Chakra - Anahata

The Anahata is our connection to love, compassion and true sense of self. It is also our guide to connecting deeply to others, our ability to create community. The physical element to this class is in the thoracic spine as we travel through asymmetrical supported backbends. A spiral with an open heart. The element here is Air and we will bring the breath connection into the mix as well.

Throat Chakra - Vishuddha

The Vishuddha is our connection to communication, self-expression and our ability to speak our truth. Our voices matter and when this centre is balanced we speak with more clarity. The element here is also Air. So we travel through the movement and bring in lots of sounds. Lion's breath, exhaling with sighs and humming to keep the throat in vibration. A beautiful class to feel expressive and clear.

Third Eye Chakra - Ajna

The Ajna is our connection to our intuition, imagination and deep insight and wisdom. The element is space. Moving through this sequence we bring our focus into the 3rd eye with visualisation, breath and pausing to connect. Unlocking our sensory awareness of this centre will deep clarity.

Crown Chakra - Sahasrara

The Sahasrara is our connection to the divine. Our trust in the universe guides us towards our higher self and shines that light for others too. The element here is ether/space and so this sequence is the breath made visible through a movement mudra. We follow the lung meridian across the arms to the heart centre with a beautiful, rhythmic class that takes you into the deepest movement meditation and opens the well to the greater energy beyond the skin.

BONUS: Guided Meditation

The entire series is designed to use sequentially on a regular basis, from Root to Crown. Or focusing on one chakra that you feel needs a boost in energy repeatedly until you feel more balanced. I’ve designed this meditation to briefly guide you through the energy centres so that you can gauge your energetic connection. If one centre feels a bit unbalanced or disconnected then use that information to choose which chakra class you do on any given day. You can also just enjoy this meditation on its own to give you a quick sense of internal alignment. 

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Hi, I'm Julie


I'm here to invite you into a practice that embraces your individuality and curiosity. An EMBODIED Yoga based on a sensory experience, free from outdated dogma and limited linear structures.

Raised as a Vendatist, I grew up immersed in the philosophy of yoga. In my 20's I began to practice asana and research different ways of moving while studying the history of yoga. The resulting discovery is that yoga is EVOLVING and always has, so we have permission to explore these practices, challenge the myths, and move forward with knowledge and awareness.

My mission is to EMPOWER your practice. To help find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Tap into your curiosity and trust your experience to take charge of your practice on and off the mat.


Welcome to the Intelligent Yoga Rebellion