Here you can find the full list my media mentions. I am so grateful for the honor of speaking on podcasts, writing articles, teaching yoga and generally spreading the word of empowerment practices. 

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The Embodiment Podcasts with Mark Walsh

Shut Up & Yoga

An independent digital magazine and collective of yoga teachers, writers, and illustrators. 


More Podcasts Featuring Julie

The Transformation Journey 

On And Off Your Mat with Erika Belanger

Erika's biggest takeaways from this podcast: 

1- Transformation is an ongoing process. You can’t move into growth until you take stock of where/who you are now. Then, you need to practice acceptance and get in touch with what you want instead of not want. Define it and refine it. When you don’t know what you want, you are at the mercy of random chaos. Transformation is about focusing our energy. And we can’t direct our energy towards what we want if we focus on what we don’t want.

2- Deep down, we don’t usually want to change who we are, so much as change how we feel about who we are. If we don’t come from a place of need to change but focus on our sensations, we can be open to the possibility for growth and realize we’re already ok.

3- Our brain is wired for repetition. The limbic system is organized by our ancestral beliefs and the way we were brought up. They create a loop in our thoughts and it takes focused energy to break out of its momentum.

4- To create real change, we have to take knowledge and turn it into experience, into energy and this is where the yoga practice comes in. This is why yoga is not about shapes, but feeling and sensing.

5- How would you act if you already had/felt what you want to have/feel? Find the things that make you feel like the person you want to be and start to act how that person would act.


Embodied movement  & changing the 200hr TT model

The YAY!YOGA Podcast

In this episode of the YAY!YOGA podcast, we talk about Julie’s Vedantic background, the old school way of becoming a yoga teacher, how and why she moved from traditional Ashtanga yoga towards an embodied movement practise and we talk about the process of elimination as a way to come back to the present moment. 


“I am preparing people for a job that is in service to others”

No Ordinary Yogi

Today’s episode is an interview I did with senior, international yoga teacher Julie Martin. We recorded the interview on Sunday March 15th, just as Covid-19 was really starting to take a hold. We were in the midst of the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 here in the UK and I don’t think there were any coronavirus cases in Hawaii where Julie lives at that time. Anyway, the reason I reached out to Julie is because I came across this article she’d had published on Shut Up and Yoga, entitled The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and The Demise of Modern Yoga. I felt that I had to speak to her. The article is linked in the show notes, but I’m going to try and summarise it here.


The Queen of the Yoga Rebellion

Radio Session, YogaPodden 

In this podcast, Julie Martin, explains where she got it all from. Via dance, she entered the yoga world, and today she´s a highly visible and popular representative of the un-orthodox, inventive yoga which does not fear neither influences from other forms of movement nor new research into the body, for example the fascia - research that might lead to having to throw some of the old stuff overboard.


Rethinking Yoga Creatively

Creativity for All Podcast

After listening to this episode, I’m pretty sure you will be tempted to start a yoga practice or refresh an existing one or, at the very least, your take on movement and your own body is likely to change, so enjoy!.


Talking, Teaching & Flow with Raphan Kebe

Yoga with Julie Martin

TALKING TEACHING & FLOW Podcast is a podcast where Teachers discuss what it is, what it means, and what it takes to teach what they love.


Interview | Guest teacher | Other requests 

Would you like me to feature on your podcast, be a guest teacher on your workshop / training etc? Please contact me - I would be delighted to hear from you. 

With Gratitude, Julie

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