The Transformation Journey

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Join me in this 2.5 hour session to bring you into a state that raises your energy to a place you want to be. 

Sat, Feb 13th | Online





“You see my dear, you had the power all along.” Glenda the Good Witch, Wizard of Oz

Join me in this 2.5 hour session working with meditation, movement and journaling to bring you into a state that raises your energy to a place you want to be. Let me guide you in cultivating positive sensations to move you forward. 

We have the inherent ability to heal ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a wisdom in our bodies that can guide us if we let it rise to the surface and begin to quiet the voices in our heads that sponsor self doubt. One of the biggest obstacles on our journey to growth and transformation is lack of self worth, imposter syndrome and feeling like we just don’t deserve to be something greater than we currently are. I’m here to tell you that you do have the power, the tools and the capability to release your negative self talk and form new habits and grow into your true potential.  



What to Expect


Guided Meditation - to raise your vibration on a healing level

Journaling - to experience the power of the stories you hold deep inside

Movement - to feel and be guided by the pure intelligence within. 

I will take you through some exercises from my book ‘The Transformation Journey’. We’ll look at some of the brain science behind why we get stuck in our old habits even when we know they don’t serve us. You’ll learn it’s not your fault, nor anyones, it’s just the brain doing its job. But because our habits and negativity found their way into our heads through experience and emotions we need to process and experience new thoughts and emotions as if we’ve already achieved our desired outcomes. 

While I will be using some of the techniques I layout in my book you don’t need to have it for the course. 


This workshop is open to all - Please have a notebook with you. 



Sat, Feb 13th at 5pm London time / 6pm CET



Early Bird (ends Feb 6th):  £35

Regular price : €45

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