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Post date: 18 Jul, 2011

Brahmani has been supporting the environmental organisation Green Goa Works since 2010 through ‘Clean Up Goa’, fund raising and DVD sales.   With help from these donations, they have been able to pursue their field work in the area. Green Goa Works is...

Post date: 02 May, 2011

For many years now Brahmani staff and students have been renting scooters from Bobby. Sadly on Saturday 23 April 2011 Bobby died unexpectedly in hospital in Goa. As anyone who met him knows, he was always friendly, kind and helpful.  He will be greatly...

Post date: 11 Dec, 2010

I define myself as a yogi.  It informs how I am in this world.  How do I act, react?  Where is my integrity in any given exchange.  Any pursuit.  I’m looking for peace, right?  I want to dwell in the practice of stillness, equanimity and unconditional...

Post date: 04 Oct, 2010

Witnessing a body with years of intense asana practice is inspiring as it folds, unfolds and binds with ease and grace. After 20 years of practice, I still awe at effortlessly wrapped legs around other body parts. Bodies have such amazing capabilities...

Post date: 14 Sep, 2010

Even as they are dying, I see the beauty in the red velvety roses that sit on my desk.  Their grace is even more vibrant, desirous at 2 days past being thrown out.  They tell a story with their now rough, burnt edges.  They sing a song as they...

Post date: 26 Aug, 2010

Gratitude.  The first thing I think about when I reflect on my life as a yoga teacher.  What an amazing vocation to share and witness the process of life, my life and others.

Surprisingly I experienced a class that brought new meaning to the...