Retreats, workshops & classes

Retreats, Workshops & Classes

Check out where to catch up with Julie or the Brahmani team, either in Goa or around the world, we continue to offer great teaching with compassion.

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Yoga Videos

Free Yoga Video Tutorials

Free video tutorials by Julie Martin to keep you going in between classes. A bit of asana, a bit of living philosophy, of bit of insight and some fun. Hope you enjoy!

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Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in india

Brahmani has gained an international reputation for excellence in training yoga teachers. We have been running programmes from 350 to 500 hours, level 1 and level 2 for over 9 years.

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Quality Yoga in Goa

Julie Martin

Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani Yoga is an internationally recognized teacher of Vinyasa Flow. She has been teaching for over 20 years and running highly respected yoga teacher training programmes since 2004.

A former professional dancer, Julie imbues her classes with grace and fluidity, and the process of discovery guided by the continual emergence of anatomical information applied to this modern asana practice.  The questions are always: “How does it feel to be in this body now?” and “How can I be in this experience without risking injury?”

Through encouraging play, curiosity and awareness, each class becomes a journey through body and mind, fusing the qualities of traditional yoga with personal discovery and self expression.

Julie’s aim is to guide students towards awareness and inspire presence, to find freedom in movement, and move towards stillness, to our true practice, our true selves.

“The practice is not in the asana, it is in the awareness.”  ~ Julie Martin

Yoga Teacher Training, India & Worldwide

When it comes to yoga teacher training India has always been a popular choice, due to the history of yoga, the culture and the incredible journeys it starts. But with the large number of yoga teacher trainings on offer, choosing the right course for you can be challenging, to say the least.

At Brahmani the philosophy is about ensuring great quality in training. We don’t want students to graduate just being “OK” teachers. We encourage practitioners to excel and dive deeper into their understanding - not only of their yoga practice but what it really means to share this journey with others.

We run Yoga Alliance registered 200, 300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training programmes from level 1 and level 2/advanced.

All of our courses are yoga intensives, staffed by several senior teachers and always have a small group of participants to ensure individual attention.

Julie Martin yoga teacher training
20 Nov 2016 to 17 Dec 2016
Through a daily immersion into the depths of Asana, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, Julie and Emil will guide you to unfold as a practitioner, a teacher, and a yogi. Through practice, interaction and feedback participants will learn to integrate skills and knowledge... more
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
11 Jan 2017 to 21 Jan 2017
This course is about honoring the goddess within women at the most sacred time in their lives.  You will learn how to sequence yoga classes that are specifically designed to empower and prepare women for birth.  This 90-hour Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is for... more
Joanne Smallwood
15 Feb 2017 to 22 Feb 2017
The art of creating sequences for your classes and your own practice is a skill that has many elements.  Working with a structure that makes sense, ensuring the sequence is right for level and ability of your students, understanding layering of movement and finding creativity... more
Restorative yoga teacher training.
7 Mar 2017 to 10 Mar 2017
Today, the need for restorative yoga couldn’t be greater. As a teacher and/or practitioner, integrating restorative postures into your yoga classes and personal practice feels more like a necessity than a luxury. Like all styles of yoga, there is a science and art behind... more

Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops are a great way to go deeper and break down barriers to our understanding of the various aspects and disciplines that yoga presents.

We hold workshops with only the most experienced practitioners who will guide you through topics including anatomy, philosophy, back-bending, acro-yoga, kirtans/bhajans (Bhakti Yoga), breathing/pranayama, and many others.

Whether you want to supplement your yoga teacher training, gain a better understanding about something that interests you or just hang out and sing, our fun, friendly and informative workshops will empower you with new knowledge and creativity.

Julie Martin
27 Aug 2016
Mornings – 10am to 12am Vinyasa Flow - Masterclasses Julie will take you on a journey of spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, breath and awareness, moving and stillness. We will move through a juicy warm up allowing the body to find... more
Julie Martin
9 Sep 2016
FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER: MASTERCLASS:  6PM (1hour 45 mins) Julie will take you on a journey of spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, breath and awareness, moving and stillness. We will move through a juicy warm up allowing the body to find... more

Yoga Retreats

Julie Martin
30 Aug 2016 to 6 Sep 2016
Once again Julie Martin and Emil Wendel bring together their knowledge, resources and teaching skills to offer an Advanced Practitioners' Retreat in beautiful Greece. ‘Advanced’ here means that this will definitely not be your first Asana class,... more
Sacred Dance with Julie Martin
29 Apr 2017 to 6 May 2017
Join Julie for an entire week of exploring, unfolding, curiosity, discovery and release. Combining daily practices of Vinyasa Flow Brahmani style, Sacred Dance, Meditation and Creative writing, we will dive into a journey of self discovery. This... more

Yoga Classes in Goa, India

Vinyasa Flow (2/3)
The foundation of this class will be "Brahmani-Vinyasa" style, which uses different flowing sequences each week covering a wide variety of themes. There is a lot of emphasis on... more
Vinyasa Flow (level 1/2)
This class will be taught in the "Brahmani-Vinyasa" style, using different themes each week. Each class will have a warm-up, dynamic and finishing sequence, and will include a... more
Vinyasa Flow (level 1)
This class is suitable for complete beginners to any form of yoga. You will be taught working with the breath and the basic postures as well as linking them together in flowing... more
Ashtanga (Level 2/3)
This is a guided class with the teacher calling out the names of the asanas of the Primary Series. The class is suitable for students who cannot complete the whole series but it... more
Ashtanga (level 1/2)
This class is designed for students who have experience with the primary series but do not feel completely comfortable attending either the Led Primary. Within these sessions the... more
Ashtanga (Level 1)
This class is designed for complete beginners with little or no experience of yoga or Ashtanga. You will learn the breathing and other techniques used in Ashtanga as well as... more
Restorative Yoga & Meditation
This class will focus on a blissful sequence of tranquil, restful postures that will relax and restore you. Simple exercises and postures to help in self awareness, relaxing our... more