Retreats, workshops & classes

Retreats, Workshops & Classes

Check out where to catch up with Julie or the Brahmani team, either in Goa or around the world, we continue to offer great teaching with compassion.

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Yoga Videos

Free Yoga Video Tutorials

Free video tutorials by Julie Martin to keep you going in between classes. A bit of asana, a bit of living philosophy, of bit of insight and some fun. Hope you enjoy!

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Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Worldwide

Brahmani has gained an international reputation for excellence in training yoga teachers. We have been running programmes from 350 to 500 hours, level 1 and level 2 for over 9 years.

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Quality Yoga Worldwide

Julie Martin

Julie Martin wants you to think outside the box, get off your mat, shake up the old dogmas and find freedom to unfold into the beauty of a yoga practice that emerges from the inside. With over 25 years of experience and an international following of students and teachers alike, Julie’s greatest aim is to inspire. Her particular passion for human movement means continual investigation of new anatomical approaches, working with natural movement, range of motion, integrated stability and letting go of some of the old asana myths in order to move with the body and not against it. The practice is always an enquiry, a somatic exploration of sensation, movement and stillness.

15 years ago Julie set up Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India after teaching in Brighton, UK for over 8 years. The largest motivation for the yoga centre was to create a community that could join together each winter season and practice without judgement, learn to let everything evolve and be totally inclusive to all yogis. What grew out of that is an international reputation especially in training teachers to challenge the “norms” of the yoga world when they no longer work for us. Julie’s work as a teacher trainer leaves students inspired and empowered.

She encourages people to find their own pace, fluidity and strength in a structure that is only a "suggestion". No longer asking people to get "into" a pose, but if stillness arises in a moment then space is given to pause, feel and sense.

“Coming from a dance background and starting an asana practice to save my knees (which it did) I was initially so thankful for the practice. But as I moved over into the deeper world of yoga and teaching it (25 years ago) I was soon riddled with injuries. I had to rethink how this method that had initially "saved" my body was now the source of pain and injury and why everyone in the midst of it was so intent on a "right way" to do the practice. So I stepped away from the strict methodology (which lost me students in some cases) and worked on combining information from modern anatomy and fascia research, including some of my dance knowledge, with natural movement and letting people find their own alignment instead of forcing ideas of what anything should look like. For me it's about allowing students to find a somatic practice that nurtures and heals the body and mind.”

Your yoga practice should invite you into relationship with your self, your body, your mind and emotions. This is not Instagram yoga or circus skills class. This is moving through layers, feeling, experiencing and observing process, moving towards stillness, moving towards self.

“The practice is not in the asana, it is in the awareness.”  ~ Julie Martin

Yoga Teacher Training, India & Worldwide

When it comes to yoga teacher training India has always been a popular choice, due to the history of yoga, the culture and the incredible journeys it starts. But with the large number of yoga teacher trainings on offer, choosing the right course for you can be challenging, to say the least.

At Brahmani the philosophy is about ensuring great quality in training. We don’t want students to graduate just being “OK” teachers. We encourage practitioners to excel and dive deeper into their understanding - not only of their yoga practice but what it really means to share this journey with others.

We run Yoga Alliance registered 200, 300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training programmes from level 1 and level 2/advanced.

All of our courses are yoga intensives, staffed by several senior teachers and always have a small group of participants to ensure individual attention.

Julie Martin Level 2
3 Dec 2017 to 30 Dec 2017
Julie Martin and Emil Wendel are forerunners in the world of modern yoga.  Both are advocates of examining what the practice of Yoga really means at present.  What really makes sense for us in the Yogic Philosophies and how do we utilise it.  What we have learned about... more

Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops are a great way to go deeper and break down barriers to our understanding of the various aspects and disciplines that yoga presents.

We hold workshops with only the most experienced practitioners who will guide you through topics including anatomy, philosophy, back-bending, acro-yoga, kirtans/bhajans (Bhakti Yoga), breathing/pranayama, and many others.

Whether you want to supplement your yoga teacher training, gain a better understanding about something that interests you or just hang out and sing, our fun, friendly and informative workshops will empower you with new knowledge and creativity.

Masterclasses with Julie Martin in Verona
27 Apr 2017
Exploring a different theme each day Julie will take you on a journey of spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, breath and awareness, moving and stillness.   We will move through a juicy warm up allowing the body to find its own way and... more
Sacred Dance with Julie Martin in Zürich
12 May 2017
We are constantly communicating with our bodies. Our gestures, glances, movements are telling stories we may not be aware of. When we cultivate our internal dialogue to find expression in movement, in dance, we have access to our stories. We feel... more
Julie Martin
13 May 2017
Understanding the power of natural movement applied to our yoga practice. Discover the evolution of your own practice and physical integration, combining anatomy, breath work, yoga history, philosophy and explorative movement to arrive into a true... more
Julie Martin
15 May 2017
Weaving philosophy and tantric teachings of enquiry, awareness and experimentation, Julie will help you unfold a practice of curiosity that gives space for you to explore in and around structure and make up your own mind about what works for you. 18... more
Julie Martin
16 May 2017
Join Julie for a two day casual workshop aimed at those of you who have completed training (full course or sequencing, etc) through Brahmani Yoga or directly with Julie in the past. These two afternoons will be an exploration of what Julie is... more
Julie Martin
19 May 2017
Friday 19 May MASTERCLASS with Pranayama, 18:00 – 20:30 pm -  40€ Julie will take you on a journey of spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, breath and awareness, moving and stillness. We will move through a warm up exploring the body... more
Julie Martin
5 Aug 2017
5 - 9 AUG MORNING MASTER CLASSES 09:30 - 11:30 Julie will take you on a journey of spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, breath and awareness, moving and stillness. Yoga is a process of unfolding, letting go of layers and remaining... more
Julie Martin
11 Aug 2017
MOVING WITH FREEDOM - Understanding Anatomy, Fascia, Movement and Modern Asana Hatha yoga is a Tantric based practice which has its roots in individuality and experimentation.  However, most present day yoga classes focus on alignment “rules” and... more
Julie Martin
18 Aug 2017
Julie Martin is coming to Copenhagen for the first time to teach her unique style of yoga! Friday 18th August 2017 18.00-20.30 This 2 1/2 hour masterclass with Julie will take you on a journey of exploration into your own body allowing it to unfold... more
Julie Martin
25 Aug 2017
Sacred Dance We are constantly communicating with our bodies.  Our gestures, glances, movements are telling stories we may not be aware of.  When we cultivate our internal dialogue to find expression in movement, in dance, we have access to our... more
Julie Martin
31 Aug 2017
Thursday 31st august Vinyasa flow masterclass (2h) – 7pm-9pm Friday 1st September Sacred Dance (3h) - 6:30pm-9:30pm Saturday 2nd September Vinyasa flow masterclass (2h) – 10am-12 pm Feminine Empowerment of the Practice: Feminine perspectives in the... more
Julie Martin dance
21 Sep 2017
YOGA, SACRED DANCE AND CREATIVE WRITING - Embodied Practices to unfold your stories Aren’t we ultimately looking to experience “aliveness” and everything it encompasses?  We cannot truly touch on the sensation of being until we embrace and embody... more

Yoga Retreats

Sacred Dance with Julie Martin
29 Apr 2017 to 6 May 2017
Join Julie for an entire week of exploring, unfolding, curiosity, discovery and release. Combining daily practices of Vinyasa Flow Brahmani style, Sacred Dance, Meditation and Creative writing, we will dive into a journey of self discovery. This... more
Julie and Emil advanced retreat
3 Sep 2017 to 10 Sep 2017
Once again Julie Martin and Emil Wendel bring together their knowledge, resources and passion to offer an Advanced Practitioners Retreat, this year in beautiful France. An intensive week of study with up to 7 hours a day giving you time to explore... more
21 Jan 2018 to 27 Jan 2018
Using the power of an embodied practice, this week is an opportunity to look at what causes our patterns, mental, emotional, physical.  They are all intimately intertwined and until we understand this and allow ourselves to look with curiosity and... more

Special Yoga Classes

Julie Martin
Mondays and Wednesdays 8.15-9.30 am General Level New Venue: Anna Ranch Cost: $13 drop in $50 for 5 classes Contact Julie for any further questions: 808-344-2994

Yoga Classes in Goa, India

Vinyasa Flow (2/3)
The foundation of this class will be "Brahmani-Vinyasa" style, which uses different flowing sequences each week covering a wide variety of themes. There is a lot of emphasis on... more
Vinyasa Flow (level 1/2)
This class will be taught in the "Brahmani-Vinyasa" style, using different themes each week. Each class will have a warm-up, dynamic and finishing sequence, and will include a... more
Vinyasa Flow (level 1)
This class is suitable for complete beginners to any form of yoga. You will be taught working with the breath and the basic postures as well as linking them together in flowing... more
Ashtanga (Level 2/3)
This is a guided class with the teacher calling out the names of the asanas of the Primary Series. The class is suitable for students who cannot complete the whole series but it... more
Ashtanga (level 1/2)
This class is designed for students who have experience with the primary series but do not feel completely comfortable attending either the Led Primary. Within these sessions the... more
Ashtanga (Level 1)
This class is designed for complete beginners with little or no experience of yoga or Ashtanga. You will learn the breathing and other techniques used in Ashtanga as well as... more
This class is an Iyengar Yoga class. Following in the lineage and teaching of B.K.S Iyengar.  The class is suitable for all levels, both beginners and advanced students being... more