Julie Martin and Gary Carter bring you two transformative weeks to develop your skills as a teacher, facilitator and embodied practitioner. An advanced training like no other.  


 with Julie Martin & Gary Carter | Das Yoga Haus, Zürich in March and September 2024


Are you ready to explore the transformative journey of Embodied Yoga?   


Join us at Das Yoga Haus in Zurich, Switzerland, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound growth in your yoga practice and teaching. We are offering a programme that includes 2 x one-week modules. (First in March, second in September 2024).  When you sign up for both events, you'll unlock exclusive access to supplemental materials on our Teachers Pathway, a 6-month self-study program that will empower you with a wealth of knowledge and resources.


What You'll Learn and Gain by Attending Both Events. 


  • Deepen your understanding of Embodied Yoga
  • Refine your teaching skills with clarity and confidence
  • Understand Anatomy and myofascial movement
  • Breaking down the structure of the body to build on integrative movement
  • Develop a new language for teaching Embodied Yoga
  • The art of sequencing and intelligent movement layering
  • Working with themes and how to successfully apply them
  • Embodied meditation practices and philosophy
  • Empower your practice on and off the mat



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  • Week 1: The Art of Embodied Yoga Instruction with Julie Martin
    09-14 March, 2024

  • Week 2: The Embodied Teacher's Path - Weaving Anatomy and Movement Wisdom with Julie Martin and Gary Carter
    14-19 September, 2024 


FYI: These two weeks can also be booked separately




Week 1: The Art of Embodied Yoga Instruction 

With Julie Martin 


Date: 09-14 March, 2024
Location: Das Yoga Haus, Zurich, Switzerland


Are you ready to transcend the confines of a shape-based practice and embark on a transformative journey towards embodying the essence of yoga in your teaching? This continuing education program, led by Julie Martin, is designed to equip you with the skills and wisdom necessary to guide your students with unwavering clarity and confidence.


What You'll Learn:

  • What embodiment really means, why it is important in the world of well being and the philosophical implications of teaching this way. 
  • Introduce your students to an embodied practice through understanding proprioception, interoception and exteroception first. 
  • Intelligent sequencing to support the journey of each student which includes the truth about layering movement and guiding students towards exploration without confusing them. 
  • The understanding of somatics and mindfulness, and how they differ from embodiment and yet still enhance the practice overall. 
  • New language skills. An embodied practice cannot be supported by ‘cue based’ teaching. A new language is needed to guide while still creating a container of support. 
  • Make the transition from your current style of teaching into an embodied one with skill so that you bring all your students with you including introducing this work to complete beginners. 

Week 2: The Embodied Teacher's Path - Weaving Anatomy and Movement Wisdom

With Julie Martin and Gary Carter


Date: 14-19 September, 2024
Location: Das Yoga Haus, Zurich, Switzerland


Gary and Julie will be weaving their work together as we transition between anatomical discovery and play and how that information unfolds in our classes. While you'll learn how magical the body is, know that you'll also find the skills to intelligently apply this information to sequences and other aspects of your teaching

What You'll Learn

  • Unravel the interconnectedness of different areas of the body. 
  • Focus on Foot to Pelvis, Hand to Pelvis and the spinal connections. 
  • How to be adaptive once you understand all bodies are not created the same. 
  • Understand how to work harmoniously with gravity
  • Create movement motifs based on our understanding of structure and elasticity
  • New language skills to enhance your ability to present an embodied practice.  
  • Essential tools to create well-balanced classes



Special Price for Full Training (includes 15% Brahmani Loyalty discount)

Includes 6 months of access to the Teachers Pathway - valued at £395. 

£1785 (normally £2100)


Payment Policy: 

A deposit of £400 is due to secure your space

A minimum of £500 is due on or before 10th of February 2024 (excluding deposit) 

The balance of £885 is due on or before the 14th August.

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Pricing if booked separately   


Week 1:

The Art of Embodied Yoga Instruction with Julie Martin

09-14 March, 2024 | Das Yoga Haus, Zurich, Switzerland

Regular price: £900 GBP

Early Bird (if paid in full before December 30, 2023): £750 GBP  



Week 2:

The Embodied Teacher's Path - Weaving Anatomy and Movement Wisdom With Julie Martin and Gary Carter

14-19 September, 2024 | Das Yoga Haus, Zurich, Switzerland

Regular Price: £1200.00 GBP

Early Bird Discount: £150 GBP (if paid in full before May 31, 2024)


15% Discount for attending both events


 If you register and pay for both events you automatically qualify to be a member of our Brahmani Loyalty program which entitles you to a 15% discount! So instead of pay £2100 you pay £1785. This discount does not apply to the Early Bird price. Only to the regular price. 

BONUS: If you are attending both events, you'll have access to Julie's full library of recorded lectures from her Level 2 Teacher Training as well as weekly live masterclasses on Zoom for 6 months between March and September 2024. 

Payment Plans Available

We can create custom payment plans tailored just for you. You will need a PayPal account in order to avail of any payment plans. Contact us directly to learn more. 


If you will be travelling from outside of Zurich/Switzerland we can offer help finding reasonably priced accommodation. 



Schedule & Location 


The schedule will start at 9 am, and then you will finish at 5 pm. There will be a 2-hour break in the middle of the day, plus shorter breaks during the day.

There will be a welcome meeting in the early evening the night before, so it is ideal if you can arrive the evening before. We will also have a gather on the last evening after 5 pm.


Location: Das Yoga Haus in Zürich. For the in-person sessions, we will be gathering at the lovely Das Yoga Haus in Zürich. Das Yoga Haus is located at Freyastrasse 6a, Zürich.
Food and accommodation is not included but we are happy to recommend places to stay and eat for during your stay.

Hi, I'm Julie

A self-confessed nerd of the body and mind, I've spent a lifetime discovering different methodologies and lineages to arrive at the most important destination: Home. Back home in the body, mind and spirit.

Through an upbringing in a Vedantist household in Southern California, teaching dance and yoga for 18 years in the UK to running a yoga school in Goa, India for 12 years, I've experienced a heck of a lot. My work as a teacher, mentor and facilitator for yoga practitioners, people suffering from physical injury and emotional instability, I have lead groups and individuals through their shadows and into their light. The common factor in all demographics has been obvious: We all suffer from some kind of trauma and we all need help to move beyond it. 

Rich with teachings from a multitude of mentors, guides and inspiring people my journey has been and continues to be a wild ride in the adventure of being human and my goal is to help others navigate the landscape of their own transformation. 



Gary Carter

Gary has been teaching and practising yoga and various other movement practices for 25 years. He studied with Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare, John Stirk, Peter Blackaby and after a brief time with Vanda Scaravelli, met and studied with Diane Long in Florence and Rome. Gary studied in Shiatsu, Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy and in 1998 met Tom Myers, with whom he studied the Anatomy Trains theory in depth, completing the KMI Structural Integration training.

Over the past 15 years he has lectured in Movement Anatomy for Yoga for Yoga teacher trainings, Pilates teacher trainings and massage schools all over the UK.

Gary ran the Science of Movement course at Middlesex university from 2007-2011 and studied in Dissection at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna and St. Andrews University, Scotland. He had his Natural Bodies Centre in Brighton for over 20 years running several yoga teacher trainings and continues to run his Anatomy for yoga teachers courses and Anatomy for Pilates & Gyrotonic teachers in England, Scotland and Ireland.

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