Unlock Your True Power and Embrace Aging with Confidence


6 - 31 October 2024 - Online


Are you A Queenager?


When you arrive at a stage in your life and finally feel like you know who you truly are, you know what you want and what you don’t. You are ready to move into potentially the most empowering phase of your life, then you are officially a QUEENAGER! 

Join me for my month-long physical, mental and emotional empowerment exploration using movement, talks, meditation, journaling and connection with other Queenagers to help you THRIVE. 







We’re living in a new era where ageing is so vastly different from our mothers and grandmothers. Not only is there so much new science regarding menopause, hormones, and the ageing process, but we are setting new cultural norms for what it means to be in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond. It’s time to embrace this stage with this powerful course I’m offering begining January 2024.


You're ready to receive new practices to build strength and gain functional mobility, learn how to balance your hormones and alleviate stress, and get inspired to be a dynamic and empowered version of yourself, right?


A Month-Long Online Course | Delivered To Your Living Room

This month-long, online course brings you all of this delivered right to your own living room. With 2 weekly live Zoom sessions plus 8 pre-recorded lectures/classes and a community of like-minded women you’ll finish the month fueled with amazing tools and a new creative inspiration to stand in your true power.  

I’m currently 58 years young and I have been obsessed with the resilience, wisdom, creativity, and resources I encounter in this burgeoning demographic. I’m here to help you thrive in your life and let go of any outdated stigmas around growing older, or rather GLOWING older! My goal is to help you make a difference that lasts as you gain physical, mental and emotional resilience to thrive. 

This course will be running from 6th to the 31st of October. There will be 2 sessions weekly live on Zoom, plus 2 pre-recorded sessions in your inbox each week. That’s 16 classes throughout the month plus extra group connection, support, reading materials and personal feedback.  

Recordings are available for all sessions and accessible for 30 days after the course finishes. 


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MONDAYS & FRIDAYS - Inspirational talk/explorations

8 x pre-recorded talks and tutorials exploring some of the myths about 'ageing', how to balance hormones, the functionality of movement, the importance of mindset and more. 


TUESDAYS - Strength Training

4 x weekly 60-minute strength training classes live on Zoom. There will be a different central focus each week. Live class at 7:30 am CET. 

THURSDAYS - Embodied Yoga & Mobility

4 x weekly 75-minute movement exploration on Zoom to keep yourself fluid and flexible. Live class at 6 pm CET. 

Discover Your Power as a Queenager

Elevate Your Strength, Health, and Confidence


Investing In Yourself 


I believe in the immense value that "The Queenagers Revolution Course" offers, and I am committed to making it accessible to all who are ready to embark on this transformational journey

Course Fee: £399

Early Bird: £350 (paid in full before 20th August)

Brahmani Loyalty Members: £340 

By enrolling in this course, you'll gain access to all course materials, 8 live classes and 8 pre-recorded classes. All of this remains accessible for an additional 30 days after the course ends. This investment in yourself is a commitment to your well-being and empowerment.


Get The VIP Package

Would you love some one-on-one time with me? Here's your opportunity to elevate your experience even further with our VIP Package.

VIP Package Add-On: £200.00

With the VIP Package, you'll receive Weekly Private Zoom Sessions: You'll have a weekly private session with me to address your specific needs and receive personalised guidance. Whatever you feel you need extra help with, I'll be there to support you and cheer you on.This exclusive VIP experience is designed to provide you with the utmost support and guidance on your Queenagers journey. Invest in yourself and take your transformation to the next level with the VIP Package.

"Being a 66-year-old long-term yoga girl, the thought of lifting weights didn't appeal, however also knowing yoga is not enough as I age, I was aware I needed to venture into that world. Queenagers with Julie has been brilliant. The course is informative, encouraging, tailored for all levels, uplifting and fun in true Julie Martin style. Even knowing that I should do weights for my bones etc. I probably wouldn't have taken that step without Julie and Queenagers, but I did - and now I'm reaping the benefits of more energy, feeling stronger and showing off my weights! JM you are a 🌟 xx"

Deborah Richards - Queenagers Revolution Course Jan 2024

"I got so inspired and motivated for strength training and it was made so accessible. Julie has such deep knowledge about creating well-being and shares it with ease and playfulness. I feel recharged and the whole of me – body and mind – is stronger after this program."

Love Gunilla


I'm a 58-year-old Embodied Yoga and Movement teacher who has been obsessed with understanding the inherent intelligence of the body and its relationship to our true selves. An entertaining, vibrant (and a bit nerdy) Queenager myself, I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and usher you out into the world on the last day armed with inspiration and skills to continue to Glow!

My goal is simple: to equip you with the physical, mental, and emotional strength you need to not just survive but thrive during this exciting chapter of life. Together, we'll discover the true power that lies within you.

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What You'll Get


Getting Started


We start with a virtual 'meet & greet.' An introduction to the course and your fellow awesome Queenagers. We start with a few brief exercises and all the info you need to get excited about the journey we will travel together.

This session will be on Sunday 6th October at 19:30 CET/ 18:30 UK, 10:30 PDT

You will receive all the Zoom links you need, some handout materials, and the pre-recorded content throughout the month. I am always available at the end of each live session to answer any questions that might come up.


2 x weekly live Zoom sessions with Julie Martin


Tuesdays - STRENGTH TRAINING - 60 mins
7:30 CET, 6:30 BST, 22:30  PDT
A different central focus each week. We start with some gentle warm-ups and then move into a 35-minute training session that will build up your strength and stability. At the same time, I will be guiding you through the science and information to understand how to continue working with your body's needs. We close with meditation, journaling exercises, and sharing/questions to start your week with motivation and inspiration.


Thursdays - EMBODIED YOGA AND MOBILITY - 75 mins
 18:00 CET, 17:00 BST, 9:00 PDT
Keep yourself fluid and flexible without the risk of injury. I give guidance to direct sensation and observation, a real discovery of movement instead of just making shapes. You'll get to focus on different areas each week so that you find your individual edges and expansion.

We also finish with a meditation, journal exercises, and sharing for the week.


Week 1: Hips, Glutes, Legs, Feet
Week 2: Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back
Week 3: The Spine and Core
Week 4: Bringing it all together


Informational and inspirational videos in your inbox 2 times a week (20-30 minutes) 


I have created video tutorials to keep you motivated throughout the month. Each week there will be 2 tutorials which break down some of the myths about 'ageing' and what the real truths are. I'll keep you informed about hormones and the importance of understanding how to balance them with de-stressing exercises. You'll learn about the functionality of movement as well as how your mindset can affect everything in your body. There are lots of bite-sized chunks of science and inspiring stuff too.


  • Understanding our hormonal change, what cortisol does to our bodies and our minds and how to combat it through some simple de-stressing exercises.
  • Finding a new you as you GLOW AND FLOW older with pointed journaling exercises.
  • The science behind Strength Training for women and why more is more.
  • Love your Body/Love yourself. Smashing the old myths about ageing.
  • Why trying new things in movement and more is important for our brains.
  • Gratitude Journal session - a journaling exercise for a lifetime.
  • The role fascia plays and fun release techniques.
  • Forgiving yourself, finding Joy and spreading the love. How our gathered experience and wisdom allow us to serve others without losing our goals.
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