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 Discover the wonders of an embodied practice
Find new freedom in movement and discover the inherent intelligence of your body through an embodied yoga practice. Join me and find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a movement practice that is an invitation. 
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Become More Centred & Aligned PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY & EMOTIONALLY and discover a new way of practising Vinyasa flow.

Join me for my new series comprising seven Embodied Flow Chakra Yoga Classes to maintain a healthy internal balance.

Includes a BONUS meditation to help you tune in to your energy centres. 


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The Brahmani 


Online Course


Are you ready to change the way you practice yoga?

Learn how to embrace a practice that is based on how it feels, not what it looks like.

Discover a movement practice that gives you ease, fluidity and strength and learn to trust your body and uncover what you are truly capable of

Regulate your stress level and boost your immunity by tapping into the vital energy within (Pranayama)

With over 5 hours of classes, exercises and insights on how to practice in an embodied way that will empower you on and off the mat.

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I love Julie's ability to guide you deeply, deep inside. With such simplicity and such love that you just let yourself go. And the energy beyond the skin gets accessible... Oh, how grateful I am for that. It's such a precious reminder, as well as a feeling words lack describing. Well, to sum it up, I loved it and it really helped in this process of coming home.
Wow, mind blown , totally inspired ✨🙏✨ I just love the way you teach and love the whole embodiment yoga way, it makes me feel so excited as a nearly qualified yoga teacher. I’ve been instilling this into my classes as a trainee teacher and get such a feeling of fulfilment when I can see my willing students actually listening to their bodies and moving with such freedom.
Thank you for being you.
- Elisa Forrester
The Brahmani
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Would you like to nurture a more sustainable relationship with your body & mind?

Learn new movement principles and empower your practice with my free Intelligent Yoga Rebellion toolkit

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An Introduction
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Download the first chapter of an Immersive Experience For Personal Development & Creative Empowerment

Learn about your brain and why it’s sabotaging you, combined with embodied practices such as meditation, journaling, mindful activities, breath-work, play & creativity to incite change that is accessible and sustainable.

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