Online learning for yoga practitioners and teachers. Discover the wonders of an embodied practice to empower yourself and your teachings 

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Self study & Guided online learning  

Brahmani Yoga training programmes have always gone beyond industry standards, creating courses that truly inspire and make a difference. These online packages are designed to give you that experience of teaching an embodied yoga with clarity and confidence. Online learning options include:

Self Study programme  |  Mentoring programme (personal guidance) 

Masterclass Bundle  |  A free short mini-course


Teacher Training Pathway

An ONLINE self study programme for Yoga teachers

6 month membership | once off payment | no auto renew


This self-study programme for yoga teachers takes you to the next level of your journey. Discover the joy of teaching an embodied and somatic practice that is accessible to all.  Get access to over 40 hours of content (plus more to come!) PLUS access to Julie's live weekly masterclasses. 

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Movement Principles & Philosophy

A mini-course to inspire you


Did you know that  history shows that yoga has been evolving since the beginning and it should be allowed to continue to evolve? In this short course I will introduce you to some of my core movement principles and philosophies. You have permission to change the way you practice and teach yoga!

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Masterclass Bundle

LIFETIME access to 4 x Full Length Masterclasses


This set of pre-recorded masterclasses are to advance your understanding and physical practice to the next level. The language used in these classes are aimed at you - yoga teachers, to help you to understand how and why I structure my classes along with cues and suggestions for how you can bring this into your own classes. Masterclasses include 'Upper back strength', 'Releasing the back line of the body', 'Hip strength' and 'Opening & strengthening the side body'. Total hours of content is 6hrs and 45 minutes.

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Mentoring Programme

Personal Guidance from Julie Martin

6 month membership | once off payment | no auto renew


Do you feel you're at a crossroads with your teaching? Not sure how to move forward or where you fit in the yoga world? Or are you hoping to expand your offerings? Whatever the goal, I will give you personal mentoring sessions, plus email support and accountability to help you achieve it. You'll also get access to over 40 hours of lectures, classes and talks  and my weekly live masterclasses.

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You rock Julie! The one and only movement teacher for me. 


Short courses for everyone

These courses are designed to help you discover the inherent intelligence of your body. Find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Learn the main principles of an Embodied yoga practice to find freedom in movement and stillness.


The Magic Of The Body

An online course exploring the inherent intelligence of your body

Part of the Intelligent Yoga Rebellion Series

Do you want to find more freedom in your body? In this 5-part course you’ll have to unlearn some old beliefs first and then play with new movement principles. You’ll discover a new range of motion, integrated strength and a beautiful balance of mobility and stability. The resulting practice will be one of curiosity - remaining present with your own personal capability. 

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The Freedom Of The Spine

An online course guiding you on a path to embodiment

Part of the Intelligent Yoga Rebellion Series

Do you know that your spine loves to move in a million different ways? In this 4-part course I invite you to experience the natural movements of the spine and learn how to release tension, gain range of motion and take this information into your everyday life. You’ll truly embrace and understand what it means to be embodied in your practice.

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The Power Of Prana

An online course exploring our life force in action

Part of the Intelligent Yoga Rebellion Series

Prana is our life force, our energy, the true essence of our aliveness. The basis of the Hatha yoga practice is working with our prana. In this powerful course you'll learn to access, experience and direct your prana through movement, breath work (Pranayama), and stillness (Meditation). These sessions will relieve stress and tension, boost the immune system and help you get grounded.

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The Intelligent Yoga Rebellion Bundle

Get all THREE courses in my Intelligent Yoga Rebellion Series

Are you ready to change the way you practice yoga? Learn how to embrace a practice that is based on how it feels, not what it looks like. It's time to challenge some asana myths and own the practice. Tap into your curiosity and trust your own experience. I've created three courses that will guide you through this journey. 

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