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Courses For Everyone
Courses For Teachers

Short courses for everyone

These courses are designed to help you discover the inherent intelligence of your body. Find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Learn the main principles of an Embodied yoga practice to find freedom in movement and stillness.

The Magic Of The Body

There is an inherent intelligence in our bodies that can help you discover freedom in your practice, your breath and your life. Modern research into movement and anatomy is changing what we know about releasing tension and cultivating strength. This 5-part course will show you how to move with the body, not against it by learning new movement principles and applying them with ease.

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The Freedom Of The Spine

Learn what embodiment really is while you discover how to keep your spine strong and mobile. In this 4-part course I invite you to experience the natural movements of the spine and learn how to release tension, gain range of motion and take this information into your everyday life.

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The Power Of Prana

Prana is our life force, our energy, the true essence of our aliveness. The basis of the Hatha yoga practice is working with our prana. In this powerful course you'll learn to access, experience and direct your prana through movement, breath work (Pranayama), and stillness (Meditation). These sessions will relieve stress and tension, boost the immune system and help you get grounded.

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You rock Julie! The one and only movement teacher for me. 


Self study & Guided online learning   

Do you aim for excellence in your teaching? Have you found much of the yoga world lacking in the deeper power of the practices? Join me for an inspiring journey in teaching a fully embodied form of yoga that goes beyond dogma and off the mat. 

Teacher Training Pathway

Self Study for Yoga Teachers

This self-study programme for yoga teachers takes you to the next level of your journey. Discover the joy of teaching an embodied and somatic practice that is accessible to all. Bring anatomy and new movement principles to liberate yourself and your students from the old dogmas. You will learn the method behind Brahmani Sequencing.  Have access to full-length masterclasses to explore an embodied practice with new language skills and movement anatomy. Session to help you translate this work for different groups of ability. As well, how to teach pranayama and make sense of yoga philosophy. Plus access to Julie's live weekly masterclasses.

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Mentoring Programme for Yoga Teachers

Personal Guidance from Julie

Receive one on one mentoring from Julie Martin over a 6 month period. Feeling stuck on your yoga path? Don't fit in with the yoga world anymore? Do you have a teacher training you would like to set up? Workshops or retreats you want to start offering or creating content for an online platform?  Whatever the goal, Julie will give you 9 mentoring sessions, plus email support and accountability to help you achieve it in a process designed just for you. You'll also get access to all the content in the Teacher Training Pathway and the weekly live masterclasses.

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Movement Principles & Philosophy


You have permission to change the way you practice and teach yoga. History shows that yoga has been evolving since the beginning and it should be allowed to continue to evolve. In this short course I will introduce you to some of my core movement principles and philosophies.

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Wow, mind blown , totally inspired ✨🙏✨ I just love the way you teach and love the whole embodiment yoga way, it makes me feel so excited as a nearly qualified yoga teacher. I’ve been instilling this into my classes as a trainee teacher and get such a feeling of fulfilment when I can see my willing students actually listening to their bodies and moving with such freedom.
Thank you for being you.

Elisa Forrester

Yoga Teacher Trainee

I love Julie's ability to guide you deeply, deep inside. With such simplicity and such love that you just let yourself go. And the energy beyond the skin gets accessible... Oh, how grateful I am for that. It's such a precious reminder, as well as being a feeling words lack describing. Well, to sum it up, I loved it and it really helped in this process of coming home.


Yoga Teacher