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Short courses for everyone

These courses are designed to help you discover the inherent intelligence of your body. Find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Learn the main principles of an Embodied yoga practice to find freedom in movement and stillness.

The Magic Of The Body

There is an inherent intelligence in our bodies that can help you discover freedom in your practice, your breath and your life. Modern research into movement and anatomy is changing what we know about releasing tension and cultivating strength. This 5-part course will show you how to move with the body, not against it by learning new movement principles and applying them with ease.

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The Freedom Of The Spine

Learn what embodiment really is while you discover how to keep your spine strong and mobile. In this 4-part course I invite you to experience the natural movements of the spine and learn how to release tension, gain range of motion and take this information into your everyday life.

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The Power Of Prana

Prana is our life force, our energy, the true essence of our aliveness. The basis of the Hatha yoga practice is working with our prana. In this powerful course you'll learn to access, experience and direct your prana through movement, breath work (Pranayama), and stillness (Meditation). These sessions will relieve stress and tension, boost the immune system and help you get grounded.

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