Workshop at Yogarise in London


A weaving of movement, exploration, and personal discovery that goes beyond the physical.


Masterclasses with Julie - Embodiment & Empowerment Through Movement & Meditation


25 - 28 August with Julie Martin  | Yogarise, London


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Can you listen, without judgment, to what your body has to say, physically, emotionally and spiritually? 


Masterclasses with Julie are always a journey. A weaving of movement, exploration, and personal discovery that goes beyond the physical. The power in her sequences is the layering of movement, repetition and a language that expertly draws you out of the thinking mind and into the body, the felt sense and the space in the pauses between. 

Join her for one or all of her masterclasses this August in London and find Empowerment and Embodiment through movement and meditation


"Make your life a practice of curiosity."


Open yourself to all the possibilities in movement and your mind will see more options in life


Join us in London this August

What to Expect

My masterclasses will run every morning on the 25 - 28th August from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

Each masterclass will have a different theme. The masterclasses on the 27th & 28th will be the foundation for my " Vulnerability, Authenticity and Self Empathy - a Journey towards Conscious Leadership" workshop that happens in the afternoon. 


Hi, I'm Julie

I'm here to invite you into a practice that embraces your individuality and curiosity. An EMBODIED Yoga based on a sensory experience, free from outdated dogma and limited linear structures.

Raised as a Vendatist, I grew up immersed in the philosophy of yoga. In my 20's I began to practice asana and research different ways of moving while studying the history of yoga. The resulting discovery is that yoga is EVOLVING and always has, so we have permission to explore these practices, challenge the myths, and move forward with knowledge and awareness.

My mission is to EMPOWER your practice. To help find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Tap into your curiosity and trust your experience to take charge of your practice on and off the mat.

"What an amazing class, thank you Julie! I swear I could sense your presence in the room (then opened my eyes to discover I'm at home and not in a studio with you). Really juicy and fun sequence to play around with too!"


"A great teacher is a guide for me. Not a warden who tells me how to do things but and advisor who invites me to question."



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August 25 - 28

Join me for 4 days including morning masterclass each day, two afternoon sacred dance sessions and 2 afternoons on Transformative Leadership in the Wellbeing industry

Leadership In The Wellbeing Industry

August 27 & 28

Cultivate Vulnerability, Authenticity & Self Empathy in this 2-day immersion. Become and empowering leader within your community.

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Sacred Dance

August 25 - 26

The body has an inner dialogue in movement that allows us to liberate the stories that bind us. We must listen. Sacred Dance is based on non-verbal communication, dance and movement therapy, and movement meditation and has a deeply healing effect on almost all practitioners who experience it. 


£40 per session or both sessions for £70


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