Pranayama & Meditation Intensive


A 4-part online series


21 & 28th February, 7 & 14 march,
17:00 - 18:30 UK time | Online




Taking time to fully embrace a pranayama and meditation practice is vital for our wellbeing. We could say perhaps now more than ever! Following on from the series I offered in the Autumn we will continue to explore our relationship to our breath, the different methodologies for pranayama and tap into our sensation and physiological and psychological response. The meditation portion of the classes will once again be led and focused on directing our awareness and energy to find the layers beyond the physical. Journaling in order to document our process and give words of expression to our experience gives more power to the practice. Please have a journal or blank papers for each session.


What to Expect

In this 4 week series we’ll start with a bit of information about these practices to better understand them and how our brain works to sabotage our stillness. We’ll move into a short asana/movement sequence practice to remove any tension from the body and get into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest and heal). Working with a different pranayama each week before moving onto our meditation practice which will begin by focusing energy around the chakra centres and moving into a space of investigation and invitation so that our practice becomes unique and individual. We will cover deeper information on Ujjayi breath, the Bandhas, retention and more.


Location & Time

21 & 28th February, 7 & 14 march

1.5 hours each session 

6pm CET - 5pm UK - 9am PST



Full Workshop (all 4 sessions): £100

Single session: £30


Join me for these grounding, centring and powerful practices to arrive in a deeper connection with yourself.   


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