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Vulnerability, Authenticity, Self empathy


Transformative Leadership in the Wellbeing industry


27 & 28 August with Julie Martin and Kiu Coates


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What if the impact of leaders in the field of well being is as much to do with the space they hold and the relationships they develop as it does to do with the techniques they offer?


In this 2-day immersion we will

  • Learn to recognise our limitations and allow our vulnerability to be seen, to be humble with what we don’t know and where we struggle. To see the assuming of this vulnerability as a strength and courage.
  • Explore how to cultivate more authenticity so our inner experience and outward expression match, even if this is in conflict with the image of how a yoga / well being teacher “should be” and other people's expectations of us.
  • To simultaneously hold empathy and accept ourselves and others, to go beyond the morality of good and bad, and to deeply understand the longing behind behaviour.

These qualities create a safe space to drop identities created to protect ourselves and be more of who we really are. Go beyond shame and blame to create a deeper more genuine connection with ourselves and others. Nurturing these qualities are an essential step into a compassionate, respectful, human transformation.


Step away from blindly following the immaculate teacher and step into humble learning, companionships and communities of true belonging.


It’s Time To Cultivate Vulnerability, Authenticity & Self empathy 


And become and empowering leader within your community


Join us in London this August

What to Expect


This weekend workshop in London at Yogarise is designed for yoga and movement teachers and facilitators, teacher trainers, studio owners and managers, and anyone working in the wellbeing industry who feels called to explore these qualities. How do we cultivate it in ourselves and bring their power to our community?

We will use practices of embodiment, listening, role plays and journaling that support us to discover and go beyond the fear, expectations and shoulds” that limit our capacity to be vulnerable, authentic and empathetic.

Through a series of conversations with other yoga teachers and studio owners we identified three qualities that have deeply touched and supported our own development



This workshop is two full days with morning movement masterclasses followed by afternoon sessions described above. 

27 & 28 August with Julie Martin and Kiu Coates 

9.00 - 11.00 Movement masterclasses

12.30 - 16.30 Workshop Focus


Your Facilitators

This workshop is being facilitated by Julie Martin and Kiu Coates. 

Julie martin is self-confessed nerd of the body and mind, spending a lifetime discovering different methodologies and lineages to arrive at the most important destination: Home. Back home in the body, mind and spirit. Her work as a teacher, mentor and facilitator for yoga practitioners, people suffering from physical injury and emotional instability, she have lead groups and individuals through their shadows and into their light. Rich with teachings from a multitude of mentors, guides and inspiring people her journey has been and continues to be a wild ride in the adventure of being human and her goal is to help others navigate the landscape of their own transformation. 


Kiu Coates has been on a journey of personal growth for over 20 years. Through his practice of nonviolent communication, he experienced how shifting the quality of his communication brought new life into his relationships and work teams. In 2011 he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he taught yoga and facilitated nonviolent communication practice groups for the general public and within a program in the local Favelas. Organizations began inviting his support, including Oi, one of the largest telecoms in Brazil, where he worked with HR to reinvent their performance review process and trained 700 leaders across Brazil in giving and receiving feedback. Currently, he is leading the Social Gastronomy Movement's Collective Impact Program, where he is coaching teams from five countries to facilitate cross-sector collaboration toward food security and equity in food systems.  


"Julie's generosity and kindness as well as her honesty and accessibility made our video meetings very special.. Although I'm technically "finished" I am truly just beginning my journey into becoming a more embodied yoga practitioner and teacher with a new language at my disposal."

 Noemi - completed the mentoring program with Julie Martin

"I love Julie's ability to guide you deeply, deep inside. With such simplicity and such love that you just let yourself go. And the energy beyond the skin gets accessible... Oh, how grateful I am for that. It's such a precious reminder, as well as being a feeling words lack describing. Well, to sum it up, I loved it and it really helped in this process of coming home."



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Transformative Leadership Workshop

Workshop with Julie Martin and Kiu Coates  | 27 & 28 August

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