300+hr Level 2 Teacher Training 

Evolve your practice and teachings

Move from a shape based practice to a felt sense practice


Let go of old dogmas and linear rules to embrace an embodied practice

Incorporate modern movement principles that encourages individual exploration 

Learn the history of yoga philosophy and it's importance in the modern yoga world

An invitation to evolve your yoga practice

In our teacher trainings we invite you to embrace a new way of thinking, practicing and teaching. Through a daily immersion into the depths of Movement, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, Anatomy, Chanting, Sacred Dance and more you will unfold as a practitioner, a teacher, and a yogi.


This training  is all about practicing and teaching an embodied yoga practice. The call is to move away from a shape based practice and from the gymnastics that is often on offer.  The world of yoga is evolving and in the 25 years that Julie has been practicing and teaching she has seen so much change that it's easy to become confused by "What is yoga now?" and "what isn't yoga?" .

The fact is, Yoga is a practice that has been evolving for thousands of years and it continues to evolve! We need to keep in mind that we are not looking for a 'right' or wrong way. As true practitioners we remain curious to the process, not only in what we are learning but also in what we are experiencing within ourselves.  We are looking for freedom in movement, to explore beyond previous boundaries and translate that into useful teaching tools.  By embracing this philosophy we can have a practice that is true to ourselves. An embodied, modern yoga practice that moves from the inside out - not the outside. in. Bringing the practice back to the essence of what is important for us as beings, using movement that allows us to explore without the dogma that intimidates.

Cultivating a somatic embodied practice that is constantly unfolding and enriched with personal growth. Your practice will be different every day! We can nurture our ability to expand beyond the asana, off the mat and live our practice. 

Level 2 Modular Training in Germany

Starting April 8th 2021​

3 x 10 day modules over 14 months


About our programme

From the very beginning, Brahmani yoga teacher training programmes have gone beyond the industry standards and created courses that make a difference. Yoga practices are in evolution, life is in evolution, and understanding how yoga meets the modern world has been the driving force behind refining and developing the structures and content of each programme.  


As well as deepening your personal understanding, we hold great importance on interaction and feedback of information.  You will be presenting and voicing your own experiences, telling your own stories and learning from them throughout the programme.  Participants will learn to integrate skills and knowledge and make it applicable for teaching and personal growth.


At Brahmani Yoga you will never learn a script or be told to teach only a certain type of sequence or asana style. Julie and all the Brahmani team will provide skills to equip you for the creative process as a teacher. Our ‘philosophical unfolding’ and  ‘anatomical myth busting’ classes stand in equal measure with the movement work. Yoga is about bringing wholeness to life - to be lived and to be present and to share that with others in a professional and open way.

Pardon the pun, but there are no “sacred cows” in the Brahmani school. Our motto is “Question everything”. Remain curious and know that there are no ultimate rights or wrongs. Everyone is different, each body is different, every story is different. The true Tantric lineage of yoga should be embraced and enhanced instead of asked to conform to something that isn’t suitable. Our students are encouraged to remain in dialogue with the information. Julie and the team will not preach but will encourage and inform without bias. We’re also interested in the evolution of our trainings. Many students return to attend courses a few times to remain updated and gain new inspiration.   
Above all we bring you quality. Each aspect is thought through to ensure that when you finish the training not only will you have new information and new tools to draw from, you’ll be excited and inspired to teach, to practice, to move into life with an open mind and heart.


Julie Martin is one of the best teachers I've ever had in my life. She is the kind of person that appealed to me instantly with her great humor, clarity and passion. Julie opened up to me different way's of moving and teaching yoga. Everything became more fun! She has inspired me so much that I decided to do my Level 2 training with her and the wonderful Emil Wendel at Brahmani Yoga. I am extreamly grateful for the time I had with these amazing teachers.

~ Tómas


What You'll Learn

Brahmani style vinyasa flow sequencing

Brahmani-style uses repetition, layering of movement, working with the subtle and gross energies of the body to create flows that can be appropriate for any level, age and ability. Through repition and layering we are able to gently guide students in an embodied practice full of exploration, negotiaion and freedom.

Communication skills

As we transition from a shape based practice to an embodied one we need new language skills and you will learn the how and why to implement this into your daily teaching.

Working with beginners and students with limited mobility

There is still a large part of the population that won’t walk into a regular yoga class due to feeling incapable. We will focus on how to reach this large demographic and how to approach an embodied practice that suits them.

Understanding natural movement, movement anatomy and fascia

Understanding natural movement, anatomy and fascia in our own bodies and how that affects our practice is an essential part of evolving how we move and teach. When we let go of the old anatomical ideas and embrace current principles of movement and stillness we can begin to embody the preactice and move with freedom.

Daily Pranayama and Dhyana

Having a daily Pranayama and Dhyana will enhance your home practice. Every morning during this course we start with pranayama and dhyana (meditation) as this is one of the most valuable tools we have in order to embody our yoga

Workshop creation and presentation

An important part of the course is gathering information on a subject and being guided through to creating and then presenting a workshop at the end of the training. You can find your ability to specialise or just dive into some aspect of yoga that you would love to study intensely.

Daily chanting of Mantras

As part of our daily practice during the course we will go through Vedic and Upanishadic mantras to learn and chant as part of our understanding of the Bhakti element of the practices.

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance is an improvisational movement, looking at therapeutic qualities of non verbal communication. This part of the course will include how to dive into the layers of emotion once we remove our need to create shapes and have set structures.

The History of Yoga Philosophy and it’s importance on the Modern Yoga World

A large aspect of this course will be looking at how yoga has evolved through the millennia as lineages morphed into each other and how we arrive at a current understanding of what that means to us a modern yoga practitioners.

Study of ethics in Yoga

We look into our concepts of ethics in practice and presentation. What are we offering as yoga and where are our boundaries within that.

The 'business' of Yoga

It’s a fine line trying to maintain our integrity in a yoga world that is growing fast and furious with all sorts of commercialisation. We learn how to maintain our personal authenticity while still letting people know what we are doing and why.

Understanding Yogic rituals

An important element that often gets lost in modern society we will participate a few Yogic Rituals allowing you to experience how the philosophy, energy and ceremony come together in Puja, Siva and Bhakti context.


You will learn tools to enhance your ability to be an authentic teacher and inspire others. We will dive into the deeper questioning of why we practice, and why we teach and ensuring we are following on the right path, meeting our Dharma and how to bring that into our teaching.

Bhakti and Kirtan chanting (Indian immersion training only)

Once a week during our immersion training in India we gather for a led Kirtan with the wonderful Paco Rodrigues of Sitarsonic. We let the joyous Bhakti practice of singing mantra lift our spirits!

Julie's perspective and Brahmani Yoga


Having been brought up as a Vedantist and embracing asana later in life at 25 she learned that ultimately every practice, every scripture, every lineage was based on individuality, cultural aspects of the moment, opinion and perspective that are not necessarily useful or even meant for world wide consumption. 
What Brahmani Yoga represents is a result of years of very extensive research into the moving body, the relationship with the breath, the mind and the emotions. The resulting discovery has been that we need freedom to explore.


We need to look at different ranges of motion and have option for how we approach the practice. We need to look at more natural and primal movement as a basis in order to avoid injury. We need to allow the practice to give us a more intimate relationship with ourselves and LET GO of some of the gymnastic qualities that have become so popular in the yoga world today.  This is not to say we let go of challenges but work with integrated strength instead of brute force.  We find mobility through spirals, waves and pulses instead of long held linear structures.  Moving away from a practice that was designed on Indian men and embrace the bodies we have and nurture the practice that will last us a lifetime. 

Question everything!


There are no sacred cows here and everything needs to be questioned.  There are reasons why we need to step back and look at what we inherited from the cross cultural transmission of yoga and discover what is still useful and relevant for the modern practitioner and returning to a commitment to ourselves and our motivation for being a yogi and a yoga teacher.  You will experience information in your own body as well as examine it from different perspectives.  We let go of right and wrong and become explorers, without an agenda, discovering the map of our bodies, minds and deeper connection to life. 



Not able or ready to sign up to a Level 2 Teacher Training? Join me for one of my workshops worldwide. 

More Information

Ideal Requirements

You must have completed a 200 hour level 1 teacher training and be teaching regular classes for at least 18 months. You have had a regular daily practice for at least 4-5 years. Students who have completed a Brahmani training or a training with one of the other teachers, will get first consideration. Please apply for this course with a willingness to go through the processes of understanding classic Yoga history as well as being open to new ideas regarding the process of yoga.
Please note: If you do not meet all the requirnments please don't rule yourself out. These are just a guideline. Reach out and ask!


The price depends on the type and location of the training. Our training intensives in India would include accommodation and food. Our modular based training in Europe would be based only on your tuition.

Course Structure

We offer two types of Level 2 Trainings.

  1. Intensives in Goa
    This month long intensive is held at the beautiful Satsanga Retreat in Goa every December. This is a fully immersive experience and best suited to students who benefit from this type of experiece. Or if you have only a limited time for training.
  2. Modular based training in Europe
    Every year I offer a training somwhere in Europe. This is split into 3 x 10 day modules split up over 12 months. This is more beneficial for people who prefer a longer period to embody the teachings. Slowly and deeply embrace the teachings!

A note about yoga alliance

Please note that our courses will no longer be registered with Yoga Alliance. Julie continues to stand up for quality and integrity and has found over the last 15 years of training teachers, YA has failed to maintain any standards. For those of you who are unaware, Yoga Alliance is not a governing body. They are an association that offers a registry. There is no accountability and the minimum standards are not enough for the Brahmani Team to align with. Julie is passionate about educating teachers, studios and students to investigate the relevance of YA in current times. Let’s go above and beyond the minimum and train for excellence

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings