The Queenagers Retreat


Have you entered your QUEENAGE years and are ready to empower yourself?


Then join Julie Martin at In Sabina in Italy (near Rome) from 6-11 May 2023


YOU come first now


I’m here to bust the old myths, show you how to step into your dynamic power, how to move with strength and ease and learn what our bodies and minds really need pre/during/post menopause.

Have you entered your QUEENAGE years and are ready to empower yourself? Drop the bullsh*t around ageing and what you’ve been told about it. Did you know that as we ‘glow older’ we can actually be stronger, have more energy and the luxury of wisdom to show up in life as the goddesses we’re meant to be? Think High-Priestess instead of old lady!

As women, we mature, grow, and come into the next phase of our lives having gathered experience. We are nurturing and yet powerful beyond measure. So why is it that we often feel unseen, tired, and succumb to a series of beliefs that are actually untrue? Do you think you have to gain weight as you age? Lie. Do you think you lose energy as you age? Only if you believe it’s true.

I’m here to bust the old myths, show you how to step into your dynamic power, how to move with strength and ease and learn what our bodies and minds really need pre/during/post menopause. During this 5 day retreat, we’ll not only learn to move from our feminine strength but also understand the neuroscience behind belief systems, create new patterns, and cultivate habits of thriving so that we can move from ‘middle age’ to badass queen!

Join me if you’re ready to step into the next phase of life with freedom, grace and strength!

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What you'll experience during this retreat


Embodied Yoga: Enjoy an embodied yoga practice that focuses on the awareness and discovery of how your body really wants to move. Avoid injuries, find the strength, and discover that we don’t need to do less but just change the approach to our practice.

The Nervous System and Hormones: Understand the principles behind the nervous system and how it affects our hormonal balance. This bit of science will open your eyes to why you might feel tired or have trouble sleeping. It’s simple to learn how to help you find that balance. 

Changing our Beliefs: The knowledge that our thoughts create our beliefs and therefore our patterns are the key that helps us change how we show up for ourselves. You’ll learn how to tap into your confidence, vibrancy, sensuality and more with a few techniques that will become your new habits. 

Guided Meditation: We’ll be doing empowering meditations throughout the retreat to get stuck energy moving and self-regulate without having to do long meditation sessions.  

Journaling: We’ll play with a few journaling techniques that will empower you to find a deeper connection to who you are and grow into who you want to be.  

Sacred Dance: We’ll dive into guided movement sessions that allow the inner dialogue of the expression itself. Powerfully transformative as well as liberating, this is a methodology derived from Dance Therapy forms. 

Fun: Most importantly you’ll have lots of fun with a group of Queenagers who are ready to thrive in their lives! 


"Learning how to be "in my body" has been a many-decade journey that could not have happened (as it has), had I not met Julie and experienced her ever-growing vision of movement and embodiments. Getting older has never felt better!"

Laura, 58

"After a week-long retreat in Ithaca, I feel grounded, connected and grateful. It was a week that allowed me to think only about me and the strength of the circle of women around us. This allowed me to get a sense of what I want to manifest in my life. Your teachings were clear, sometimes challenging sometimes cheerful, but always with an end of great life lessons. I thank you for so much beauty you give us and ready for new retreats."

Mara, 50 | Greece Retreat, Sep 2021

About Julie

Julie is a 57-year-old Embodied Yoga and Movement teacher who has been obsessed with understanding the inherent intelligence of the body and its relationship to our true selves. An entertaining, vibrant (and a bit nerdy) Queenager herself, Julie can’t wait to go on this journey with you and usher you out into the world on the last day armed with inspiration and skills to continue to Glow!

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Date & Price

 06 - 11 May 2023 | In Sabina, Italy 

Pricing includes meals and accommodation for 5 nights and all classes with Julie Martin. It does not include transport to and from the venue, and any other activities that you may pursue including the evening meal out on the last evening. 

Pricing in EURO

Twin room with shared bathroom - €1250

Twin room with en-suite bathroom - €1400

Single room with shared bathroom - €1500

Single room en-suite bathroom - €1650


Early Bird Discount

Receive €100 discount if you pay in full before January 31st 2023


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About The Retreat Centre

Nestled among the Sabine hills lies a haven of repose and revival, for gatherings, spiritual practice, yoga and the arts. Giulia has lovingly restored two rustic, ancient stone farmhouses with exquisite artistic detail combining the whimsical and the refined.

The extensive grounds are cultivated with care and reverence for nature with shaded terraces, intimate hideaways and quirky nooks which surprise, delight and inspire visitors, many of whom return year after year.

The magnificent outdoor platform designed by Marco Antonini perches on the hillside overlooking the valley and brook below, surrounded by stunning views and the natural splendour of cypresses, olive groves, and walnut trees.

The restful, refreshing swimming pool, the myriad outdoor and indoor spaces for leisure and practice, and the simple, elegant, distinctive bedrooms with artworks by local and international artists are all designed to nurture, soothe, and inspire.

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