Sacred Movement Exploration

Church in Staufacher, Zürich, Switzerland


Join me in this 2 hour exploration into sacred movement. 

17th September, 2021 | Zürich, CH





We are constantly communicating with our bodies. Our gestures, glances, movements are telling stories we may not be aware of. When we cultivate our internal dialogue to find expression in movement, in exploration, we have access to our stories. We feel them, see them and express them. Through this process we allow ourselves to re-pattern, let go of limiting ideas and grow in our relationship to ourselves and others. Sacred Dance is a movement exploration without limitations. 

I will guide you through different awareness exercises.  Moving to access something within yourself in relationship to how you feel at this moment.  As the connection to inner sensing unfolds we present ways we are in relationship to others and to community/unity as a whole.  Conscious movement can unfold many mental and emotional layers and you will find your freedom as you let the dance rise from within.

Julie draws on her work within the conscious movement community mostly from Vinn Arjuna Marti the founder of Soul Motion, along with Michael Molin Skelton also of Soul Motion and Jo Cobbett of 5 Rhythms and Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.  These mentors plus using techniques drawn from movement therapy has given Julie the framework with which she creates Sacred Movement Exploration



17th September 2021 from 7-9 pm 





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