The Art of Embodied Yoga Instruction: Transforming Students' Awareness


A Powerful continuing education for yoga and movement teachers.......


09-14 March, 2024 | Das Yoga Haus in Z√ľrich, Switzerland.¬†


Are you ready to transcend the confines of a shape-based practice and embark on a transformative journey towards embodying the essence of yoga in your teaching?


Yes? Then prepare to inspire your students to embrace their unique individuality and empower them to tap into the innate wisdom of their bodies.

Our exclusive continuing education training is designed to equip you with the skills, understanding, scientific principles, and profound wisdom necessary to guide your students with unwavering clarity and confidence. While many teachers yearn to teach in this deeply connected way, few courses offer the comprehensive toolkit required to translate it into a truly transformative and balanced yoga experience.

During this exceptional training, we will embark on a 6-day intensive at Das Yoga Haus in Zurich, where we will learn the art of embodied yoga instruction. Timings are proposed to be starting at 09.00 and finishing at 17.00 each day. We’ll have a long break for lunch and a short break in the afternoons. 

Leading this extraordinary journey is Julie Martin, a trailblazer in the yoga world, with over two decades of experience in guiding teachers towards authentic embodiment work. Her unparalleled delivery and profound knowledge breathe life into the practice, making it accessible to all who seek to join the Intelligent Yoga Rebellion and revolutionize the way yoga is taught.

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Yoga is changing. Are you ready to be part of the evolution of yoga teaching and practice?

A path that will forever change your relationship with yourself and your practice.


Join us on this extraordinary journey and become part of the movement that is reshaping the world of yoga instruction.



What You'll Learn 

  • What embodiment really means, why it is important in the world of well being and the philosophical implications of teaching this way. 
  • Introduce your students to an embodied practice through understanding proprioception, interoception and exteroception first. 
  • Intelligent sequencing to support the journey of each student which includes the truth about layering movement and guiding students towards exploration without confusing them. 
  • The understanding of somatics and mindfulness, and how they differ from embodiment and yet still enhance the practice overall. 
  • New language skills. An embodied practice cannot be supported by ‘cue based’ teaching. A new language is needed to guide while still creating a container of support. 
  • Make the transition from your current style of teaching into an embodied one with skill so that you bring all your students with you including introducing this work to complete beginners. 

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Location - Das Yoga Haus in Zürich

For the in-person sessions we will be gathering at the lovely Das Yoga Haus in Zürich. Das Yoga Haus is located at Freyastrasse 6a, Zürich.
Food and accommodation is not included but we are happy to recommend places to stay and eat for during your stay.

Training Details

This training will take place over 6 days from 09-14 March 2024.

This 6-day course can be booked alone or you can also join both Julie Martin and Gary Carter for Part 2, 14-19 September. Book both weeks and get 15% off the total price. 



Regular price: £900 (Deposit £250)- Balance of training due two months before the start date of the event (10th February 2024.)

Early Bird (if paid in full before 30 Nov 2023): 750 POUND STERLING



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Week 1: The Art of Embodied Yoga Instruction
with Julie Martin
09-14 March, 2024

Week 2: The Embodied Teacher's Path - Weaving Anatomy and Movement Wisdom
with Julie Martin and Gary Carter
14-19 September, 2024


BONUS: Enjoy 6 Months of Access to the Teachers Pathway


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Hi, I'm Julie

I'm here to invite you into a practice that embraces your individuality and curiosity. An EMBODIED Yoga based on a sensory experience, free from outdated dogma and limited linear structures.

Raised as a Vedantist, I grew up immersed in the philosophy of yoga. In my 20's I began to practice asana and research different ways of moving while studying the history of yoga. The resulting discovery is that yoga is EVOLVING and always has, so we have permission to explore these practices, challenge the myths, and move forward with knowledge and awareness.

My mission is to EMPOWER your practice. To help find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Tap into your curiosity and trust your experience to take charge of your practice on and off the mat.

"It is years since anyone has inspired me as you do, Julie. Both in my personal practice and as a teacher. I am so grateful to you for rekindling my fire and expressing my yoga heart in everything you communicate, on and off the mat."


"I am a long time yogini (over 20 years) and teacher trainer and there is still so much I can learn from Julie. It's about the details, she explains it differently - from the perspective of someone who is interested in the body, in energy, in people and in herself. Coming from Ashtanga Yoga, it took me in a different direction but for some years I have found myself not fitting into this dogmatic costume. So I was looking for what I call my yoga: YogaEvolution. Julies teaching is a great inspiration for me, it is giving me the fluid and free movement I was missing and I especially like how she is concerned about the reaction of the nervous system. The moments of integration are so valuable. And I like that Julie is interested in people, in her students, open for questions, that she is wise and funny!"