Strong back, open front, wild heART


Play and explore with Julie Martin and Kristin Berta during this 6 day retreat. Combining movement, stillness, art and dance to explore our creativity and use it to heal, relax and feel empowered.


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No experience required. Everyone is welcome!

We are all born creative! It comes naturally, as children, that we pick up crayons, paint and paper. We dance, play, express ourselves and explore. In the beginning we didn’t need to be taught we just knew what to do. But many of us walk away from our inner artists as adults or even as older children when we start comparing ourselves to others and we form ideas about ourselves, talents and creativity. Many of us think it is not our domain to paint, play with art materials, dance, write or just express ourselves because we are not “talented”. People have used art, music and dance for healing and empowerment from the time of the hunter gatherer. For ceremony, for marking history and establishing culture. It is in our nature. Our creativity is a powerful tool for healing, stress reduction, self-empowerment and more. 

In this retreat, no previous experience is required. This week is not about learning to dance, draw or make fine art. Rather this is an opportunity to play and explore your being. To unravel the stories we’ve held inside for fear of being judged. To awaken the energy that longs to be heard, seen, felt and expressed. We will create, discover and connect to ourselves and for ourselves. The joy of the process is the focus, not the outcome.



  • Daily morning somatic meditations & pranayama 
  • Daily morning embodied yoga sessions
  • Daily creative afternoon session with Sacred Dance, painting, drawing, colouring, writing and sharing
  • Delicious Vegetarian meals 
  • Yoga Nidra on a few evenings

What to Expect

Julie Martin and Kristin Berta (Salarlist/art of the soul) are joining forces with a shared passion for curiosity and exploration in movement, stillness, art, dance, writing and expression. They will take you on a journey, establishing trust in yourself, erasing your inner critic and guide you to open up to the parts of yourself you haven’t seen in a while. 

Every Morning we will start with pranayama and meditation led by Julie, followed by grounding asana practice and begin each day with an intention. 

The afternoons will be filled with Sacred Dance, painting, drawing, colouring, writing, sharing and exploring outlets of creativity. We will venture into nature to use our surroundings as inspiration and will have time to reflect and gather ourselves, coming back to the known in order to venture back out into the unknown. 

We endeavour to connect you to your heart and soul through these practices so that by the time you leave you will be in touch with your most creative self and shine into the world. 

We hope you’ll join us for this inspiring and empowering week that we are both so excited to share with you.



Price to be confirmed


Price will include accommodation, all meals, tuition and all art supplies. Please bring a blank journal.


Strong back, open front, wild heART

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About Julie and Kristìn

Julie Martin


Julie Martin teaches yogis around the world how to break free from linear, injurious yoga to embrace a practice that is based on how it feels, not what it looks like. She has a reputation for challenging asana myths that hurt and exclude people. She empowers students and teachers alike to own their practice, tap into their curiosity, and trust their own experience.

Raised as a Vedantist, Julie grew up immersed in the philosophy of yoga. As a young adult, she turned to the asana practice to heal from an injury. That was 25 years ago. When yoga began to injure her, she did her research and integrated insights about anatomy, natural movement, range of motion, and integrated stability into her practice and teaching. The result is unorthodox, inventive yoga that moves with the body, not against it.

Kristín Berta


Kristín Berta is a social worker, family therapist, yoga teacher and intentional creativity teacher from Iceland. She did her level II yoga teacher training with Julie Martin in 2019 and yoga Nidra teacher training the same year. She is passionate about working with kids, adolescents, adults and families through their hard times, trauma and personal growth in healthcare, child protective- social service and private practise for many years. 

Kristín always loved to paint and create but life circumstances and the inner critic pulled her away from the paintbrush for years. After difficult and stressful times in her life she found the love for creating and painting again and it helped her heal and cope during those times. She has had various art trainings, including being an intentional creativity teacher. And has also trained as a mindful art and yoga teacher and guided drawing for healing trauma/sensorimotor art therapy. Kristín established her private practice, Sálarlist (Icelandic: Art of the Soul) in Iceland and now helps people connect to the creative part of themselves and discover the healing and meditative power of painting and creating. It is her passion to hand the paintbrush to others and help them open up to the creative part of themselves, paint, play, heal and make peace with their inner critic. 

“We are all creators”

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