Thelma Wuisan

Completed Training

Level 2 (300 hrs) training in Goa in December 2015


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Thelma is a certified yoga teacher-Level 1 (200 Hours) from Yoga Arts Australia and Level 2 (300 Hours) from Brahmani Yoga India. She is also a chakra therapist who teaches and practices mainly in Indonesia. She has her own studio named KARMARATI Oracle House in the Nyuh Kuning area in Ubud, Bali, where she recently relocated after having taught yoga in Jakarta since 2009. Her classes comprise of Vinyasa Flow, bioenergetic movement, sequential movement, and deep awareness to the subtle elemental energy of the chakras. She combines structure and exploration in all her yoga classes and public chakra workshops. Her approach to the therapeutic chakra system is holistic. She provides therapies associated with chakra trance, chakra psychology diagnostic, movement therapy, and chakra healing mudra (hand gestures). In recent years, Thelma has grown her practice into crystal and card readings, as well as energy space clearing.

Thelma holds a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Indonesia, and she utilizes the knowledge of psychology towards a more integrated yoga and chakra system practice for the well-being of her clients. Her aim is the self-empowerment and self-discovery of her clients through their own gradual and consistent practice. The practices involve physical movement and intuitive energy exploration.

Thelma's experience with Brahmani Yoga has inspired and enriched her orientation towards holistic yoga. In previous years, Thelma had dedicated KARMARATI as the first yoga studio in Jakarta to adopt the Brahmani Yoga style. Now in Ubud, she looks forward to resume her Brahmani classes when her new yoga studio is completed by end 2020; however, all other services of reading, learning, and consultation are available by request/appointment both in meet-up sessions or Skype sessions.

Thelma is grateful for the teachers on her path of yoga, chakra, esoteric, and holistic practices, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn with her students and clients.  Her work can be viewed at

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