Sarah Kotwal

Completed Training

2013: Level 2 Teacher Training


Zurich, Switzerland

Yoga has crossed Sarah’s path many times before she found herself in the right place to fully engage in it's vast variety of what it has to offer. That was after her second child was born. Since then, yoga has become an inherent part of her life. Sarah is truly fascinated by how her practice has allowed her to grow and how it has impacted her life quite deeply.
Sarah is passionate about working with the body and breath intelligently and with awareness and she strongly believes that these practices can bring around countless benefits for everyone who engages in them mindfully.

Sarah has been very fortunate to study with and  learn from senior teachers like Michael Hamilton, Christine May, Stephen Thomas, Doug Keller, Josh Summers and Julie Martin. She completed her Level 1 Teacher Training (registered with Yoga Alliance) at AIRYOGA Zurich in Switzerland. Countless workshops  and Intensive Trainings in Yoga as Therapy and Yin Yoga have enriched her understanding of yoga in it's different facets. In December 2013 Sarah completed the (Yoga Alliance registered) Level 2 Teacher Training at Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India.


Sarah lives in Zurich with her husband and her two children who remind her daily, that the true challenge lies in taking yoga off the mat and into everyday life.

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings