Pleuni van Hulten

Completed Training

2013: Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours in Thailand

2014: Acroyoga with Daniel Scott

2014: Yoga Therapy workshop with Sandra Carson

2015: Clarity of Breath Work with Ashanna Solaris and Dana Delong

2015: Yoga Anatomy workshop with Lauren Beversdorf

2017: Anatomy and Fascia in Yoga with Gary Carter

2017: 65 hour Yi yoga training with Jo Phee

2017: Brahmani Yoga level 2 Teacher Training 300 hr


Travelling Teacher

As a dancer and a choreographer Pleuni discovered yoga early in her life. A few years ago she left the Netherlands to travel the world and live as a nomad while teaching Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, MFR and Mantra chanting. At the moment she is mainly teaching workshops and retreats. 

Pleuni has worked with Julie Martin several times following workshops, trainings and classes and completed the Brahmani Yoga level 2 teacher training in 2017. In her Vinyasa classes she works with exploring the bodies natural way of moving and trying to find a lightness in the practice. The classes focus on body awareness rather than forcing the body into shapes. Movements can express themselves freely and postures arise based on what the body needs.

In her Yin yoga sessions she creates a safe meditative space to open up and work through physical and emotional blockages. Individual needs are important and while looking at the function of a pose there are many different options given throughout the practice. 

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In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings