Nathalie Joel-Smith

Completed Training

2011: Vinyasa Flow


London, UK

My yoga journey began in 1997. As a 15yr old dancer with a bad back and anxious mind, Yoga offered me peace and healing and became a part of my life on and off for many years. 

After studying and working in theatre, I swapped the stage for an office in my mid 20's. Once more a regular Yoga practice paved the way to a healthier mind and body, and continues to do so now, along with so much more. 

Around this time, Julie Martin invited me to train with her at Brahmani Yoga, Goa. Julie was my first ever Yoga Teacher and has been a source of inspiration and guidance ever since. 

In 2011 I embarked on a 400hr vinyasa flow training with Julie, which was a life changing experience. The first time I guided someone in Yoga during my training I felt truly alive and knew this was the path for me. 


Based in London, I began teaching in January 2012, immediately after returning from India. Yoga offers the opportunity for ongoing learning and growth, and I have since completed Mollie McClelland Morris’ mentorship programme and assisted her teacher training course in London. Most recently I began training in Space and Flow with Raphan Kebe.


Having experienced the healing effects of Yoga, the awareness it cultivates & the resulting empowerment, I aim to guide others in the process of finding harmony within themselves.   Informed by experiential movement anatomy and an endless curiosity for how are bodies are designed to move, my classes are designed to meet the needs of busy & demanding lifestyles and help people unlock the potential of their bodies and minds.  Mobilising the spine, freeing the breath and connecting with the ground to access a state of wholeness are at the heart of my sequences, with additional themes weaved in that vary from class to class. 

Through the lens of mindful, exploratory sequences,  I guide movement to unravel tension & restriction, and aid people in discovering space, strength and flow.  My aim is to create a space that encourages people to feel the floor under their feet, connect with their breath, move their body and arrive at home in themselves. Since starting teaching I have enjoyed a diverse range of experience, including teaching at Yoga studios, 'pop-up' classes at offices, Yoga for trainee Actors, 1:1 sessions, workshops and more recently leading retreats. I've set up a number of weekly classes in my local area & pioneered 'Caring Yoga', a programme that brings daily yoga into the lives of people living & working in residential care homes. 

I have always been passionate about movement, with dance having played a major role in my life. It’s only in recent years I have truly discovered the power of embodied movement; cultivating harmony, joy, empowerment and fulfillment from the inside out. Life is movement, with every breath, with every heartbeat. It is the magical experience of embodying our true nature that I explore and share with others through the teaching of yoga.

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings