Monika Lundgren

Completed Training

2015: 200hour Teacher Training (Multi Style)

2016: Advanced Level 2 Brahmani Yoga Teacher Training - 300 hrs


Abu Dhabi & Sri Lanka

My yoga journey started in 2010 when I moved to Abu Dhabi from Norway. I was new in the city and looking for something new to do, as a mum of three it was highly needed to distress on the mat!  I fell immediately in love with it all!


After only 18 months I continued my yoga journey by taking 200 hours Hatha Yoga teacher training in Darjeeling, Himalayan Yoga Bliss Center,it was amazing and I started to teach straight away.  After two years of teaching I felt that I needed to go deeper in the yoga world, I was so lucky to find Julie Martins Brahmani school where I took my 300 hours Vinyasa flow teacher training.


Yoga helped me to discover new sides of my self and the life. I loved the feeling I had after each class and I never wanted it to end.

Suddenly I felt more alive, relaxed, awake, less judgmental and super curious about my body and what is coming towards me.

I enjoyed the combination of meditation, asanas and relaxation so much so I decided to share it with others. That’s how I became a yoga teacher.


I am passionate about yoga and how important it is to keep the body healthy, yoga for me is not about fancy asanas, its more about feeling good in it! With my students I try to give them the space and freedom one and each of them need, so that the curiosity about their movement and mind comes more and more to the surface and they can continue to develop - not only on the yoga mat but also in the daily life. I learned that important skill from Julie Martin and I am going to keep it with me forever.   


I teach full time as private teacher and I arrange retreats, with focus on detoxing the mind and body in this hectic world.


Namaste, Monika

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings