Marianne Sundell

Completed Training

2012: Level 2 Teacher Training



I used to practice and teach a lot of physical activities back in the 90´s until I felt something was missing..In the year of 2000 yoga came into my life to stay. It was just too good to be true – physical and mental challenges in the same package! Yoga definitely made me more patient, more tolerant, more humble and it didn´t take long until it became a need and an amazing tool to deal with my everyday life. I took the step to become a yoga teacher thanks to my first major yoga teacher/guide Larry Schultz from San Fransisco. He was such a warm and colourful person and he tought with so much humour and love! His 4 teaching corner stones were: 1) Kindness 2) Compassion 3) Discipline 4) Humour, wow! I took all this to my heart, and I try to adapt just that when I teach myself! I have realized that all of us have different bodies and this is also something that I emphasize in my classes! My students should  feel proud, comfortable and good enough wherever they are and whatever their bodies can do right at that moment!

Over the years I´ve had the opportunity and privilege to teach youths with HIV, youths and adults with various functional disabilities as well as teaching stressed out personnel  at companies/authorities - all so rewarding!

Thank you yoga, and thank you all of my inspiring yoga teachers, such as Josephine Selander, Julie Martin and others that I have met and studied for throughout the years! It is so much richer with you in my life!

2005      TTC Ashtanga Vinyasa, 200 hours

2007      TTC Virya yoga, 200 hours

2010      TTC Yin yoga

2012      TTC Level 2, Vinyasa, 200 hours

… plus various teacher training courses like Anusara yoga Immersions;  Virya yoga: Vinyasa/ Therapeutics/Anathomy/ Ayurveda/Senior yoga/Philosophy…and more!

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings