Maria Eugenia Velasco

Completed Training

2012: Level 2 Teacher Training


Zurich, Switzerland

I practice yoga since 2007. 200 hours trainings: 'Radiantly Alive' in 2009 and 'Yoga Arts' in 2010. Have attended and continue to attend workshops with Richard Freeman and Emil Wendel.
Did Brahmani's advanced training end of 2012.
I like practicing physical yoga with a combination of effort with ease, and see it as a 'dance of awareness'. As such it brings beauty and awareness to our lives and bodies. I also spend time reading some of Yoga's scriptures and mythology, and keep learning yoga philosophy.
Currently I am starting to teach Hatha and Vinyasa yoga to groups and individuals near Zurich.
Modern yoga differs from the ancient broad system of Yoga; many modern practitioners take the best of both and make a combination, I think the result is great! The important thing for me, as it is taught in the Brahmani training, is to teach with awareness, compassion and integrity, ie care. To this I like to add a touch of playfulness and spontaneity.  I have two goals: to bring more yoga philosophy to classes, and in the longer term to teach self practice group classes, with sequences developed for each person as i believe this can bring enormous benefit.

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings