Josefin Wikström

Teaching at Brahmani since 2012

Completed Training

2012: Ashtanga Vinyasa 500 Hour



India has been Josefins second home for the past 20 years where she has dedicated her time to learn yoga and dance her passions in life. She discovered the happiness and freedom in the practice, seeing the effects from yoga in people from all different paths of life she decided to start teaching in 2005.

Living in Mysore Karnataka for many years she has deepened her understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.
She is working globally with teaching yoga and dance and the combinations of these two art forms has developed the Kaivalya Project in India.
The energies and emotions in the yogic practice and the dance are intimately interwoven.
 Josefin is using yoga as a tool for social change and is teaching in the prison system in Sweden and in the schools for children of all age groups. She is working with children who has been the victims of abuse in Mumbai and is seeing the healing effects of yoga and dance therapy. She is also a part of Sumeet Nagdev dance arts in Mumbai as a yoga teacher for the diploma students.
Her inspiration to share the yoga practice comes from her beautiful linage of teachers where John Scott and Lucy Crawford Scott are some of the teachers which knowledge is passed on with great honour.
Josefin is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher and received the blessing to teach from David Life and Sharon Gannon 2012. She is also inspired by the Brahmani Yoga style of  sequencing in Vinyasa flow by her teacher Julie Martin, Melanie Cooper and Emil Lime. She is registered as a 500 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher educated at Brahmani yoga 2012.

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings