Jelena Ilumina

Teaching at Brahmani since 2010

Completed Training

2009: Ashtanga Vinyasa 500 Hour

2010: Vinyasa Flow

2012: Level 2 Teacher Training


Canada, Travelling Teacher

I started my yoga journey in my teen years and it transformed the course of my life. Through yoga, I am able to practice compassion and presence. In 2009 I traveled to India and completed my first 500 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa at the Brahmani Yoga centre. It was such an incredible experience that immediately the following year, I returned and completed the 400 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training. I realize how lucky I am because not only did I receive the opportunity to teach in some of Canada's most incredible yoga facilities, I was also gifted with the opportunity to join the Brahmani Yoga team in India, teaching public classes as well as assisting on the teacher training programs over the course of two seasons of 2010-2012 and counting!

It is an incredible honor for me to share the passion and the reverence I hold for this practice with my students. I am also grateful for the ability to remain a student, to continue to grow and transform, and most of all, I am grateful for this beautiful practice, which to this day, remains the greatest Love of my life!

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings