Jane Sleven

Teaching at Brahmani Since 2010

Completed Training


Goa, UK

Practising since 1975; teaching since 1980; initial TTC with BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) over 4 year period. Guruji's blessing 2001 Astanga; numerous trainings & workshops over the years with many marvellous teachers of world renown.

Yoga is an endlessly fascinating, healing art, science, & way of life in which I have great faith. I've been fortunate to have studied & taught all forms of Hatha, & also Astanga Yoga, extensively over many years; classes, private clients, workshops, retreats, holidays around the UK, Europe, Egypt, India.  I teach with gratitude, love & a deep appreciation of Yoga, people, Life, & travel. Teaching skills: A broad base of asana, chanting, philosophy, meditation; plus Astanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series, creative Vinyasa Flow (much influenced by Brahmani) & restorative Yoga. I am happily available to teach BWY accredited IST workshops on a variety of topics by invitation. 

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings