Jörg Gyan Beckhoff

Completed Training

2008: Ashtanga Vinyasa 500 Hour

2009: Level 2 "Breaking the Rules"


Goa, Ibiza, Travelling Teacher

Yoga Teacher, Traveller, Explorer, Retreat Manager and trained in Ayurvedic Yoga, Massage, Gyan is an enthusiastic Teacher, always drawn by the bright Side of Life. He truly believes that Yoga can improve Health, Fitness and Relaxation, to help find Steadiness and Ease. Gyan completed a 500 Hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training at Brahmani Yoga in India, and followed up with a Level 2 Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Programme. Since 2007, he has worked as Studio Co-Ordinator, Teacher and teaching Assistant, which has enabled him to keep on learning through Courses, Workshops and with his Teachers. Having experienced other Forms of Yoga such as Yin, Sivananda and Acro Yoga, Gyan also spent much time over the last 15 Years traveling all over India, meeting with various Yoga Teachers and Gurus. Gyan loves sharing the Knowledge that has been passed on to him over the Years: he believes Yoga is a Gift, and should be made accessible to Everyone. Teaching with clear Words, visual Demonstrations, using adjustment Skills and Bodyworker‚Tricks’, his classes combine both challenging Asanas and fluid Motions to bring Students closer towards inner Stillness and Joy ...

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings