Emma Sheridan

Completed Training

2013: Level 2 Teacher Training


Travelling Teacher

Yoga has been an immense teacher and gift in my life! It has given me a profound sense of purpose and connection to others. My own practice brought me into better alignment with my true purpose and unlocked an entirely new energy, creativity, passion and joy. This is what I hope to inspire and nurture in all that come to the practice.

 I took my first teacher training in 2010 with Absolute Yoga in Thailand. Since then I have been teaching full-time and have been lucky enough to find opportunities at various studios and retreat centers in Belgium, Ireland, Morocco, The Phillipines, India and Dubai! I just completed the highly respected level 2 teacher training at Brahmani in 2013 and am excited to continue on this path with openness and dedication. To see stronger, steadier and more vibrant people walk off the yoga matt inspires me daily to do this work with great love, full presence and the highest quality of attention!

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings