Emma Hermansson

Completed Training

Sivananda Yoga TT 200h

Ashtanga Yoga TT 100h

Vinyasa Yoga Lance Schuler - 200h

See my full list of training history below. 


Kiel, Germany

I am a animal and nature person. I spent lots of time in the stables and on the horse back and also been working as a veterinary assistant for 10 years.

A sore back and lack of self care brought me to yoga. I started of with Iyengar and strong vinyasa yoga that was good for that time. Over the years I noticed that my body got even more exhausted and injured. I was doing one Teacher Training after the other, gaining good knowledge but still not finding my way.


Still looking for inspiration and deeper knowledge, I signed up for the Brahmani Teacher Training. It was an intense self-awareness time as it opens up layer after layer and did let me grow and go deeper into my yoga practice. Meeting Julie and getting the "allowance" to explore, was the gateway to find my practice and take my practice to my students. A practice that is strong yet soft and smooth.

Now, I have a Yogastudio since 2009 in Kiel Germany

Education History

  • Sivananda Yoga TT 200h

  • Ashtanga Yoga TT 100h

  • Vinyasa Yoga Lance Schuler - 200h

  • Pre-&Post-Natal TT 45h, Patrizia Tielemann - Spirit Yoga

  • Hormony Yoga TT, Lalla Turske

  • Yin Yoga TT, Paul Grilley / Sara Powers / Power Yoga Institute

  • Budokon Yoga TT 50h

  • Brahmani Yoga, Julie Martin - 300h +

Other educations

  • Thai Yoga Massage - Institut für Traditionelle Thai Yoga Massage

  • Spiraldynamik Basic - Spiraldynamik

  • Ayurveda Therapie - Campus Naturalis

  • Pilates Matwork Degree 1 & 2 - Bodymotion Pilates

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings