Deborah Sutter

Assisting at Brahmani Yoga since 2014. Teaching at Brahmani since 2017

Completed Training

2013: 200h Hatha yoga

2014: 300h Level 2 Vinyasa flow @Brahmani

2017: Restorative Yoga 


Zurich, Switzerland

Deborah never wanted to practice Yoga – since everybody did it. Well, 2008 she couldn’t resist anymore and went down the path of Yoga. She follows this path ever since both with earnestness and her typical lightness. Dogmatic is one thing the theologian and journalist is not. There is no such thing as one right way. But a beautiful variety of possibilities.

Yoga is the chance to take another point of view. To leave old worn thought patterns and try new ones. And to experience what it actually means to be alive and present, now, in this very moment.

Deborah finished her first 200hrs Teacher training 2013 with Poonam Stecher Sharma and Sanjeev Bhanot. Through workshops, books, retreats and discussions with experienced teachers, she works on expanding her knowledge constantly. In December 2014 Deborah completed her 300hrs, Level 2 Teachertraining with Julie Martin and Emil Wendel.  

"It’s not about doing. It’s about being." 


So much of our lifes we spend disconnected from our bodies, disconnected from life itself. We run from one task to another, chasing happiness. That’s where Deborah's Recover the Feminine can lend you a hand. In her teaching, she sets the intention on recovering. Be that from all the pressure you put on yourself, from all those deadlines you need to meet or from the millions of thoughts in your head. And pause for an hour and fortyfive minutes. Explore, how it feels to breathe and move with as little effort as possible. Relax, recover, receive, be open, tender, vulnerable, soft, yet fierce, wild and mad. We will welcome and nourish your feminine qualities, because the world doesn't really offer the space to explore these gifts. 

Come, as you are. No need for fancy yogagear, makeup or scent. Shed those layers. You can show up with your raw and sweet self. No fear, no societal rules. 

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings