Chelsea Bird

Completed Training

2016: Level 2 Teacher Training


Seattle, USA

Originally from Michigan, Chelsea lives and works in Seattle, happily embracing the fresh air and beautiful communities of the Pacific Northwest as her second home. She lives in possibility – drawing inspiration from people and art, travel and words. She feels most alive experiencing a new place, breathes easiest in alpine air, and is happiest surrounded by loved ones. She is most herself in her yoga practice, or when she's making something beautiful and unique.

Chelsea's love for yoga grew from the way it made her feel about herself and the world around her. Yoga, over and over again, brings a sense of perspective, strength, and oneness to her life. She teaches a nurturing, fluid, and creative vinyasa flow that brings focus to feelings over shapes. Her intention is for students to gain connection, awareness, and autonomy in their practice — leading to strength, embodiment, and a deeper understanding of themselves. Her hope is that people leave class more in tune with their minds and bodies — grounded, open, loved, and alive.

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings