Angela Boscardini

Completed Training

2013: Level 2 Zurich Teacher Training


Zurich, Switzerland

Since her childhood and youth, Angela collected a founded anatomic and body's knowledge through the study of Ballet, modern dance and took part at international dance competitions and workshops.

Besides German and Italian (mothertongue), Angela speaks fluent Spanish and English. After her academic studies in International Political Science in Rome and various working commitments in Madrid, Malta, Chicago and London, she finally landed in Zurich. Working as Product Manager for a wellknown swiss tour operator, she travelled and collected many valuable human and working experience. In her private life, she set up a little family and through it she decided to dedicate and devote herself more and more to the Yoga practice. Besides Pilates training, she completed in October 2010 at Planet Yoga the Yoga Alliance Level I 200 hrs  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training under the supervision of Christina Waltner, Brigitte Hauser, Claudia Guggenbühl, Remo Rittiner and Myriam Wagner. In October 2011 she completed another Yoga Alliance 100 hours Teacher Training with Julie Martin and continued her development through her own dedicated practice and many workshops with Christina Waltner, Lance Schuler, Glenn Ceresoli, Bryan Kest, Patrick Oancia, David Lurey and Stephen Thomas. In January 2014 she completed her the Level II 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani Yoga.

With positivity, emotionality and creativity, Angela will motivate you to develop your own body understanding. Advanced students as well as beginners will know how to appreciate the accuracy and joyfullness of her lessons.

In Person Offerings

Level 2 Teacher Trainings