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The Brahmani Embodied Chakra Series | Lifetime Access

Become More Centred & Aligned


A 7-part embodied yoga series
Understanding the connection and expression of each centre through movement, breath and stillness, will help clear stagnant energy, move through it and create a healthy internal balance. This is not your average Vinyasa Flow. Each of the embodied yoga classes focuses on the energetic and physical qualities associated with each chakra and will change your energy!   

The entire series is designed to be used in a few different ways. Either sequentially on a regular basis, from Root to Crown. Or you can simply pick a class for whatever feels good on any given day.

What's Included

  • 7 embodied flow yoga classes - each focusing on a different chakra
    Root - Grounding energy - 90 min
    Sacral - Fluid energy - 95 min
    Solar Plexus - Empowering energy - 70 min
    Heart - Compassion and love energy - 85 min
    Throat - Communication energy - 80 min
    Third Eye - Wisdom energy - 80 min
    Crown - Divine energy - 75 min
  • I've included a BONUS guided mediation to guide you through the energy centres to gauge your connection on any given day, perhaps guiding you to a specific class. It might be that you decide on repeating a specific class to boost your energy in a specific chakra until you feel more balanced. 

With gratitude,