Brahmani Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training Application

Personal Details

Level 2 Teacher Training Details


Yoga History

Give details of your first teacher training

With which school, in what style, when, how many hours and who were the senior teachers on the course.  Also include some details of what the course content included. some details of what the course content included. 

Give details of your current teaching 

How many classes per week, what style are you teaching in and how long have you been teaching for.

Give an outline of your Asana and Pranayama experience

Include an example of your typical daily practice. 

Give details if you have any experience working directly with Julie Martin or other teacher on this course?

eg. teacher trainings, workshops or regular classes

Write a paragraph or more on what you would like to gain from doing this course, perhaps where you feel stuck or lacking in your teaching or practice.  

Why did you choose this course in particular if you haven’t already worked with Julie or any of the other teachers/guest teachers?

Give details of any injuries or medical conditions that you may have so that we can work together accordingly


Please supply us with the contact details for two references.  
We will contact them directly with our questions. One should be a teacher who knows your practice or perhaps who you did your training with. The other should be from a studio or an organization where you currently teach. 

Reference 1

Reference Type

Comments / Extra Details

Reference 2

Reference Type

Comments / Extra Details

Almost There!

Emergency Contact Information

Relationship to you

How did you hear about this course?

I understand that this is an application process and filling this form does not guarantee acceptance onto the training. I am aware that the course fee covers all tuition. It does not include flights or transfers to your training, accommodation, food, or the cost of any books / course material you might need to purchase. 

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