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Understand our relationship to Prana in the Yoga Practice

A two day workshop for teachers and experienced practitioners that want to spend time in exploration of movement and stillness. 

Prana, often translated as "Life Force", is the energy that moves through the body and beyond. We cultivate our prana through yoga practices but what does that really mean?  We can talk about our breath and feeling the energy rise up the spine in meditation, but that is very simplistic and the truth is that we have access in many ways, via moving, stillness, breath and observation that can bring a “wholeness” to back to ourselves in a world where the focus seems to be on what things looks like.


We need to understand how the nervous system behaves in response to the breath and movement in order to remove resistance from the body and mind.   Examining how we hold onto old, stuck energy in various parts of our bodies and minds we utilise the connection on the Chakra system through movement, breath and stillness to free up these blockages.  Only when we open up, witness our patterns and recalibrate can we open the channels for prana to flow.



What to Expect


We will examine certain aspects that limits our ability to connect to our energy and unlock these limitations.  We will work through the Chakra system, pranayama, meditation, neurological responses throughout all 3 of the following elements.  



In movement the ability for the body to remain elastic, use all the joints and find integration can free up the energy centres. Julie specialises in finding that natural spring loading in the body by discovering the magic in all the joint articulations.  Looking at releasing energy through movement in the body and how that affects our nervous system opens the doorway to experience.   


In the breath, we are often taught to control the breath and manipulate it in ways that can be more restricting than freeing. Here we will focus on how breath moves through the body, how to align the breath and movement in freedom, not force. We will always work towards ease and simplicity to let go.  In stillness we examine the power of the breath to be more expansive or more contractive through pranayama and work with the sensations that arise. 

Lastly we examine the resistance in the mind, which informs resistance in the body and emotions. How our inner dialogue can make us feel stuck and therefore limit our energetic connections. Taking a look at our neuro-responses and how they cultivate our inner dialogue.  Our energy will go wherever we direct it. If we are cultivating energy that is negative we will reveal more negativity in our daily lives, but if we are cultivating positive energy we can find freedom to move through life. Looking at changing perspective, and un-patterning our limiting thoughts in order to feel release in all aspects: mentally, emotionally and physically. 



Yoga Shakti, Stockholm, Sweden

Date & Time

Saturday 10th August  & Sunday 11th August 2019


  • 09:00 - 11:00: Morning Masterclass Session

  • 13:00 - 16:30: Afternoon Sessions



Full Workshop: 1750 kr

Afternoon sessions only: 1200 kr


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About Your Teacher

Julie Martin wants you to think outside the box, get off your mat, shake up the old dogmas and find freedom to unfold into the beauty of a yoga practice that emerges from the inside. With over 25 years of experience and an international following of students and teachers alike, Julie’s greatest aim is to inspire. Her particular passion for human movement means continual investigation of new anatomical approaches, working with natural movement, range of motion, integrated stability and letting go of some of the old asana myths in order to move with the body and not against it. The practice is always an enquiry, a somatic exploration of sensation, movement and stillness.

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