Teachers Exploration with Julie Martin at Air Yoga Zurich

Julie Martin

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Julie Martin


16 May 2017 to 17 May 2017


Air Yoga Zürich


Join Julie for a two day casual workshop aimed at those of you who have completed training (full course or sequencing, etc) through Brahmani Yoga or directly with Julie in the past.
These two afternoons will be an exploration of what Julie is working on currently in the realm of bringing authentic yoga practices to students and finding new insights in anatomy, movement, philosophy and weaving them all together. Julie has been playing with various modalities and understanding the placement of presence in both movement and stillness so that curiosity and not fixation leads us to open our deeper selves more consciously.
There will be time each day for Questions and Answers so that if you are struggling with any aspects of your teaching or practice we can look into it with investigation and give you guidance to continue your own development, as always, on and off the mat.
Cash or pre-payment via bank transfer only.

Level 2 Teacher Training

About The Instructors

Julie Martin wants you to think outside the box, get off your mat, shake up the old dogmas and find freedom to unfold into the beauty of a yoga practice that emerges from the inside.  With over 25 years of experience and an international following of students and teachers alike, Julie’s greatest aim is to inspire.  Her particular passion for human movement means continual investigation of new anatomical approaches, working with natural movement, range of motion, integrated stability and letting go of some of the old asana myths in order to move with the body and not against it.  

Your yoga practice should invite you into relationship with your self, your body, your mind and emotions.  Weaving philosophy and tantric teachings of enquiry, awareness and experimentation Julie will unfold a practice of curiosity that gives space for students to explore in and around structure and make up their own minds about what works for themselves.  This is not Instagram yoga or circus skills class.  This is moving through layers, feeling, experiencing and observing process, moving towards stillness, moving towards self.  



13.30 - 16.00
CHF 70 per day or CHF 125 for both days

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