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Julie Martin

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Julie Martin


25 August 2017 to 27 August 2017


Yoga Moves Utrecht , Utrecht
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Sacred Dance
We are constantly communicating with our bodies.  Our gestures, glances, movements are telling stories we may not be aware of.  When we cultivate our internal dialogue to find expression in movement, in dance, we have access to our stories and emotions, to feel them, see them and express them.  Through this process we allow ourselves to re-pattern, let go of limiting ideas and grow in our relationship to ourselves and others.  Sacred Dance is a movement exploration without limitations.  Guided by Julie through different awareness exercises you will find your freedom in movement and let the dance rise from within. No dance experience required.
Date & time Friday 25 August |  13.00 -16.30


Moving with  Freedom
This 2 hour masterclass with Julie will take you on a journey of exploration into your own body allowing it to unfold in order to find an individual practice.   Hatha yoga is a Tantric based practice which has its roots in individuality and experimentation. Often our practice can begin to feel confined, limiting (mentally and physically) or even injurious. This is because as modern westerners we are trying to fit our bodies into “shapes” design with joint influence of Indian body building and gymnastics as well as Swedish military training techniques. Stepping away from the more linear based ideas about asana you will discover that letting go some of the myths in the yoga world means that we can find a greater freedom in our own practice.
Working with range of motion, natural movements, spirals, pulsing, waving and more you can discover a freedom in your body that allows a mental and physical spaciousness. Julie will encourage you to listen deeper to the body and what it is trying tell you, so that you move with it and not against, developing a practice that lasts a lifetime.
Date & time Friday 25 August |  19.30 -21.30

Fluid Core
Understanding “Core” has been a tricky subject over the last 5 – 10 years in the yoga world. It is often, incorrectly, thought of as our abdominal muscles only.  However, core and stability are gained by working with all of the muscles needed for any particular action, which may include abdominals but in other ranges of motion is going to include a variety of other muscle groups. During this class we will travel through a few sequences to discover how we are engaging in our movement and find the most efficient way to move with power and grace together.
Date & Time Saturday 26 August | 10.30 – 12.30


Fluid Core and Animal Locomotion
After our morning session playing with our concept of fluid core, we will breakdown the principles of Integration vs. Isolation. One of the misconceptions about core is that we need to target different muscles to activate stability. But the truth is that when we integrate movements allowing the body to work as a whole instead of separate parts, we access natural movement in which strength and fluidity are inherent. We will discover animal locomotion techniques in order to find moving strength without tension and stability without being rigid.  Through basic animal and human developmental exercises you will find balance and natural movement with less effort and can apply that to any practice.
Date & Time Saturday 26 August | 14.00 – 17.30


Moving with  Freedom
Understanding Anatomy, Fascia, Movement and Modern Asana
Hatha yoga is a Tantric based practice which has its roots in individuality and experimentation. However, most present day yoga classes focus on strict “rules” in order to “get better” at your practice. Often we can begin to feel confined, limited (mentally and physically) and sadly, injured. This is because as modern westerners we are trying to fit our bodies into “shapes” design with joint influence from Indian body building and gymnastics as well as Swedish military training techniques.
During this afternoon session we will look why the understanding of modern anatomy and natural movement is imperative in the asana practice. The role fascia plays is vital and yet is often overlooked or misunderstood. The body has its own intelligence and we need to let that guide us. Starting with a brief history of asana we will then delve into the most up to date anatomical and fascia research on what we are REALLY doing to ourselves and why that needs to evolve.
We will also investigate the relationship of the nervous system, the breath, the reaction of the mind and how these elements are integral in finding our true practice that encompasses yoga as a whole. Through exploring our possibilities instead of limiting ourselves based on what we have been told the pose should look like, we will pull apart structure and form in order to deepen our understanding and experience where movement comes from.
The practice is about presence and awareness, integration rather than isolation, moving with the body and mind, not against it.
There will be a full asana practice the last 1.5 hour of this afternoon.
Date & Time Sunday 27 August | 13.00-17.30


About The Instructors

BIO February 2017

Julie Martin wants you to think outside the box, get off your mat, shake up the old dogmas and find freedom to unfold into the beauty of a yoga practice that emerges from the inside.  With over 25 years of experience and an international following of students and teachers alike, Julie’s greatest aim is to inspire.  Her particular passion for human movement means continual investigation of new anatomical approaches, working with natural movement, range of motion, integrated stability and letting go of some of the old asana myths in order to move with the body and not against it.  The practice is always an enquiry, a somatic exploration of sensation, movement and stillness.  

15 years ago Julie set up Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India after teaching in Brighton, UK  for over 8 years.  The largest motivation for the yoga centre was to create a community that could join together each winter season and practice without judgement, learn to let everything evolve and be totally inclusive to all yogis.  What grew out of that is an international reputation especially in training teachers to challenge the “norms” of the yoga world when they no longer work for us.  Julie’s work as a teacher trainer leaves students inspired and empowered.   

She encourages people to find their own pace, fluidity and strength in a structure that is only a "suggestion". No longer asking people to get "into" a pose, but if stillness arises in a moment then space is given to pause, feel and sense.

“Coming from a dance background and starting an asana practice to save my knees (which it did) I was initially so thankful for the practice.  But as I moved over into the deeper world of yoga and teaching it (25 years ago) I was soon riddled with injuries. I had to rethink how this method that had initially "saved" my body was now the source of pain and injury and why everyone in the midst of it was so intent on a "right way" to do the practice. So I stepped away from the strict methodology (which lost me students in some cases) and worked on combining information from modern anatomy and fascia research, including some of my dance knowledge, with natural movement and letting people find their own alignment instead of forcing ideas of what anything should look like. For me it's about allowing students to find a somatic practice that nurtures and heals the body and mind.”

Your yoga practice should invite you into relationship with your self, your body, your mind and emotions.  This is not Instagram yoga or circus skills class.  This is moving through layers, feeling, experiencing and observing process, moving towards stillness, moving towards self.  

The practice is not in the asana, it is in the awareness - Julie Martin



Friday 25 August 13.00 -16.30 | Sacred Dance Workshop 19.30 -21.30 | Moving with Freedom Masterclass

Saturday 26 August 10.30 – 12.30 Fluid Core Masterclass 14.00 – 17.30 | Fluid Core and Animal Locomotion Workshop

Sunday 27 August 13.00-17.30 | Moving with Freedom Workshop

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