For Brahmani London Yogi's. Brahmani does not hold any Level 1 trainings in Europe and I'm often asked whose... hours 46 min ago
Have you seen Julie Martin's latest vlog? She talks about her upcoming trip to Europe and her excitement about... days 13 hours ago
:) week 2 days ago
Julie is coming to the Netherlands! For the first time ever she will be hosting a wealth of workshops at Yoga... week 4 days ago
Yaaaay! Here's a new sequence that Julie Martin is playing with. She plans on bringing it with her to her... week 6 days ago
For the first time ever.. Julie Martin will be in Copenhagen, Denmark from August 18th - 20th! Along with a 2.5... weeks 1 day ago
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Wise words from our very own Julie Martin Explore the concept of adapting yoga to suit your individuality with... weeks 4 days ago
Julie Martin has just added a new Vlog! Listen to the very charming Julie talk about what we can expect from her... weeks 5 days ago
Could not help reposting this from Julie Martin <3 Downward Facing Horse :D Happy Monday everyone! weeks 6 days ago weeks 6 days ago
Calling all advanced yoga practitioners! Join Julie Martin and Emil Wendel this September in scenic France. For 7... weeks 1 day ago
An inspiring quote for today... "Every time I give something away, what comes back to me is freedom!" - Byron Katie weeks 2 days ago
A small section of the '3 Cups of Tea' sequence from Julie Martin. Lots of arm/spine spirals so that we are... weeks 4 days ago
Meet Lou Ferguson, one of our Brahmani yoga teachers worldwide! Lou has been a Brahmani Goa "fixture" for many... weeks 5 days ago
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Silence isn't empty. It's full of answers. - Unknown month 12 hours ago
Happy international day of yoga! <3 When you step on your mat today, honour your body and follow your own... month 2 days ago
5 Days in Reykjavik, Iceland with Julie Martin! August 11th - 16th at Yoga shala Reykjavík - One Yoga. <3 Julie... month 4 days ago
A snippet of a sequence from Julie Martin that is easy to repeat. You'll notice it's about folding and unfolding... month 6 days ago