Lisa L. Kirchner

Lisa L. Kirchner

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New York City & Montauk New York
United States
New York US


Lisa has been around yoga almost as far back as she can remember—her parents own a gym. But for her, yoga was something she did between sports, when she was injured. In 2005 those injuries got so bad while living in Qatar that she sought the help of Valerie Jeremijenko, whose brilliant teachings forever changed her life. She left the corporate world for India where she has since studied with Guruji in Mysore, Lino Miele in Kovalam, and Julie Martin in Goa. Eventually she moved to New York where she has had the opportunity to continue her studies with yoga’s leading luminairies—Dharma Mittra, Eddie Stern, Sharon Gannon and David Life. She has taught in Qatar and India and Bali. She currently teaches classes, privates and workshops in New York City. 

Whether it's a restorative class, an arm balance workshop or children's yoga, Lisa's teaching blends music and movement with breath and meditation, and every session is dedicated to the amazing teachers she has been blessed to know.