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Deborah Sutter

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Deborah never wanted to practice Yoga – since everybody did it. Well, 2008 she couldn’t resist anymore and went down the path of Yoga. She follows this path ever since both with earnestness and her typical lightness. Dogmatic is one thing the theologian and journalist is not. There is no such thing as one right way. But a beautiful variety of possibilities.

Yoga is the chance to take another point of view. To leave old worn thought patterns and try new ones. And to experience what it actually means to be alive and present, now, in this very moment.

Deborah finished her first 200hrs Teacher training 2013 with Poonam Stecher Sharma and Sanjeev Bhanot. Through workshops, books, retreats and discussions with experienced teachers, she works on expanding her knowledge constantly. In December 2014 Deborah completed her 300hrs, Level 2 Teachertraining with Julie Martin and Emil Wendel.  

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