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The Brighton Yoga Festival took place at the Brighton Dome last weekend, marking a successful third year of the only free yoga festival in the UK.

From its humble beginnings at St. George’s Church, Kemptown in 2014, the festival has since built a community around it’s socially conscious mission and has recently been awarded registered charity status.

With more than 3,000 guests attending the event on Saturday, there’s a sense that the event has truly ‘arrived’ this year to take...

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Interview with Julie Martin

When I think of Julie, it’s her voice that I hear…it is so clear not only in what she is communicating, but her speech itself is so succinct, her voice rich. Her voice is almost a yoga in itself, it only adds to the clarity of what she is communicating, what she wants to say. Sounds corny I’m sure, but truly communication is a gift for Julie and she has been given such a powerful tool with which to share it.... CONTINUE READING CLICK LINK

What are you seeking?
One of the most common enquiries I get in my inbox (if not the number 1), is to seek my advice on becoming a Yoga Teacher and what teacher training programs I would recommend.
Here, I’ve put together my top picks for training programs and schools. I must emphasise that choosing the right program for you should be both via research and also intuition. Always look into the teaching faculty and their own background. The most ‘famous’ schools are not always...

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Den lilla delstaten Goa är i princip en enda lång sträcka med stränder. Fast att de nästan sitter ihop varierar de i utseende, liksom i atmosfär. Vi guidar från bildsköna Palolem och Patnem i söder till hippe-Arambol längst upp i norr.

Stan Getz ”O Grande Amor” flödar skönt ur högtalarna, den brasilianska flaggan vajar i vinden, de höga palmerna likaså och en espressomaskin brummar i bakgrunden. Det är endast de förbilunkande korna som avslöjar att vi är på en strand i Indien...

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'Power Up' DVD Review

Read this review from Yoga för dig for Julie Martin's new 'Power Up' Yoga DVD

Om meets... Julie Martin

A former professional dancer,yoga teacherJulie Martin's new vocation is more inspiration than perspiration.
When you meet her, she sounds like an American (She grew up in Los Angles, after all), but these days renowned yoga teacher JuLie Martin, splits her time mostly between Europe (during the summer) and India, (in the winter) That way she gets the best of both worlds when it comes to the weather, of course. Ask her where home is though and she says Hawaii, here she and her partner...

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Power Up: Vinyasa Flow

Julie Martin,Director of Brahman Yoga in Goa, India, is an internationally recognized teacher of both Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga Yoga. This programme consists of three 20 minutes sections created to energize the body and mind,stimulate every cell in your body.

Medical and Wellness Tourism

Mario Hajiloizis speaks exclusively with press officer, Brahmani Yoga centre, Inna Costanini about what the facility is doing in an attempt to lure the world's wellness travellers whilst also getting her views on how the ancient practice can survive in today's modern world.

Swedish Elle

Hej då stress och restationsångest! ELLE for till Indien på yogaläger för att finna inre harmoni och balans – och tvingades konfrontera både tävlings- instinkter och fåfänga.


UK Yoga Magazine

Green Yoga, Karma Yoga and the art of transforming practice to life. Karma Yoga is the art and Science of "Karmically" aware and responsible action and intention - to take responsible acts without attachment to the results or rewards. It is a selfless action. Karma yoga is thus the yoga of action: getting off the yoga mat and applying ourselves to the world around us.

Namaskar magazine

Goa's long standing problem is not only unsightly for tourists and locals - it's incredibly hazardous to wildlife and animals. For example, in April 2000, the Lucknow Times of India reported as many as 100 local cows were dying everyday as a result of eating discarded plastic bags. In Goa, cows are commonly seen chewing their way through plastic bags in hopes of finding something to eat. The problem is their is not rubbish collection system in place.


UK Yoga Magazine

Inspiring ideas for a healthy yoga break in Goa, India. The more exotic shore of North Goa, past Ashvem and Mandrem Beaches. Have now become a hotbed for yoga retreats and holidays

Goa Herald

We certainly would like to hear more of these performances, like the one that Brahmani Yoga is staging today from 8am to 10am, hence hurry up if you wish to take part to it!


The Lonely Planet

General information about Anjuna and Yoga. Good pictures!


Goa Herald 2Day

Tourism usually entails people visiting a place to take in the interesting sights and surroundings, having their fill of everything and leaving with fun memories. As we know, the attention a place garners gives a boost to the local economy, but taking tourism a step further to even benefit the beauty and hygiene of the place is a unique concept.

HCN News

On Sunday 13 December 2009, from 8am -10 am Brahmani Yoga will be launching the first of 3 'Karma Yoga' days, to help reduce plastic pollution in Anjuna. Organized by Brahmani Yoga and supported by Yogamagic and Satsanga retreat, the initiative aims to clear up plastic and trash pollution from various locations around Anjuna beach. Join the Brahmani Yoga staff and teacher training students as well as all others who want to help clean up the beaches and surrounding areas.

Yoga Abode - a home for all things yoga

It's high season again in Goa, and the rest of India - and just the time of year when yoga practitioners and teachers descend to escape at least part of the cold European winter. So it's timely that Brahmani Yoga in Goa is about to launch a series of Karma Yoga days, aimed at cleaning up some of the plastic and rubbish littering the country Brahmani Yoga clean up goa side and beaches. Goa's long-standing problem is not only unsightly for tourists and locals - it's hugely dangerous to...

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Yoga Abode - a home for all things yoga

As Europe gets colder and darker, 'the season' in Goa gets under way. This time last year, Inna Costantini spent last on a yoga teacher training course in Goa, India. Here she unearths some of the best places in the state for a yoga fix.

Yoga In Asia

My path to yoga really came in two parts. Interestingly enough the first part started with meditation at a very young age. I was raised by my unconventional parents in an Advaita Vedanta household. This entailed going to a "church" that was essentially Hindu. I grew up with my father meditating 2 times a day for an hour at a time which he encouraged in both my sister and I. It also meant attending Puja's, Kirtans, Bhajans and Philosophy lectures on a regular basis.

Kehon ja sielun tasapainon tavoittaa lajin alkuper isymp rist ss. Intian Goassa psee joogan ytimeen. Seudulla on valtavasti joogakeskuksia, jotka palvelevat rauhoittumista etsivi eurooppalaisia. Tutustuimme parhaisiin.


Goa Herald

From professional dancer to director of Brahmani Yoga in Anjuna, Julie Martin calls her journey "fascinating and motivating." Coming from a dance industry where competition is fierce, she now trains people though yoga to be able to work as a team to gain stability though meditation.

UK Health and Fitness

Fancy working in fitness but can't give up your day job? Meet three readers who turned their passion for exercise into successful second careers.

Yoga Abode - a home for all things yoga

This fabulous image has brought some great PR for Julie Martin, owner of the Brahmani Yoga Centre in Goa. Martin featured in a print advertisement that run across a spectrum of international magazines, including Conde Nast Traveller, The Times, Newsweek and some in-flight titles.

Yoga Abode - a home for all things yoga

An in depth teacher profile on Julie Martin, the director of Brahmani Yoga.

Holidays Please Goa Holidays Travel Guide

Brahmani Yoga is a world renown centre set in lush tropical Goa, India. Its reputation for great yoga and lots of personal attention from highly experienced teachers and assistants has made it a popular destination for yogi's around the globe. Brahmani sets a high standard for training programmes with two 400/500 hour intensive courses in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa each season. Daily drop in classes include Vinyasa Flow with international teacher and Brahmani Director Julie Martin;...

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Once rave-party central, India's smallest state is emerging as a spiritual destination, writes Oryana Angel.

On one of my first trips to Goa in the 1980s, I booked an ayurvedic massage. The "masseur" made me strip and wait on a grimy plastic chair while she finished her bhaji and rice. Things have come a long way since.

Ever since Goa imposed a total music ban after 10pm, a new class of tourist has taken notice of this tiny south-western Indian state, which was...

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Living Mysore Magazine

A great article about Goa and the birth of Purple Valley, written by the founder Annie Gurton. Brahmani Yoga started out as The Purple Valley Drop-In Center.

Woman Today

An article by Lisa Kirchner, a graduate of the Brahmani Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training Program, about her experience in Goa during the training.


Elephant Journal

When you pick up and move 11,165 km from home you feel a little lost for a while. It’s kind of like starting school, a new job, or walking into a yoga studio for the first time, only amplified about 100 times. I have lived in a country that is not my own for more than 12 years now. It is a place filled with sunshine almost every day of the year. Having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, its population has doubled since I’ve been here and the city has more high-rises under...

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